Lunch on Isla Mujeres at Bally Hoo's

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by CancunTom, Oct 3, 2008.

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    Here we are aboard the ferry on our way to have lunch on Isla at Bally-Hoo's pier resturant with our friends Jim, Carmita, JoAnne, Tim, Inge, Donna, & Ziggy

    This was our entertainment crew on the ride over to Isla

    Carmita, Suz, Donna, & Jim

    Myself w/ Inge and JoAnne

    We had a great lunch, conversation, view, perfect weather.............

    When it was time for everyone to go their seperate ways, Jim and Carmita hung with us for another glass of wine so we could drink in the view a little while longer.

    As we left on the boat back to Cancun I took a couple of more pictures.



    LIFE IS GOOD !!!
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    Great pics. Very fond of the bottom one. Sounds like you have made quite the transition from the Windy City to a little slice of paradise.
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