Looking for Cancun LASIK surgery recommendations...

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Life_N_Cancun, Jul 7, 2010.

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    Sorry always meant to update this, her eyes are great, healed very very well.

    The first day we went back and the doctor notice a bit og skin on the eye had lifed, she so had to wear a clear contact in that eye for the next 24 hours. Took that out after and already her vision is pretty much perfect. The only thing she does get is when its dark she gets halos around lights, but the doctor has told this is very normal for up to two months.

    We couldn't be more happyier, we was quoted almost 4 grand in England, and out here cost about £850. I checked the machines in both places and they have the same model. Recommend them.

    PS I can post some pics of the surgery if anyones interested as they showed me the whole thing on a massive LCD Tv in the waiting room in real time.
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    Good to hear all is well, sounds like a sound recommendation. I know Jannet wants to check it out.
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