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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by sticks, Feb 7, 2007.

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    I will be coming to Cancun in may for a bachelor party. we are all in our early thirty's and would like to know a good all inclusive place to stay.we still like to party but not with teenagers .I have stayed in royal Solaris with my girlfriend and had a good time but I think its a lil out of the way and maybe a lil laid back any suggestions ? I was told the riu and oasis are ok
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    The Oasis is considered a party hotel, but I would say their accomadations rihgt now are from from adequate...I would say the Riu Can cun would be a nice hotel though
  3. Klaw

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    The Oasis isn't a party hotel year round and can get it's share of families with teenagers outside of Spring Break.

    The Riu is nice but wouldn't call it a party resort.

    When are you thinking of going?
  4. ibizasue

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    i like the all year round party atmosphere of the blue bay getaway..over 21 s only.. check out the forums on here. :lol:
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    Blue Bay Getaway (BBG) might be a good option for your group because of its reputation of being a year round, adults only party resort. We can not recommend any of the Oasis' resorts in Cancun because they get very inconsistent to negative reviews from their guests. The Riu Cancun has a lively atmosphere and might be the way to go. It is within close walking distance to the Party Center where most of the major clubs and party bars are located. The Riu Cancun has a lot of activities going on around the pool all day, a disco and a 24 hour sports bar. The buffet food was of a good quailty and their a la carte Brazilian and Japanese restaurants were very good. We stayed there in November and had a good time, we highly recommed staying there.

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