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    Pre-Flight Prep - April 19th. Soaked 2 pounds of Gummy Bears in Peach Schnapps to prep for the flights. I took 2 small zip locked bags in my carry on and the rest I double bagged and put in my luggage in case security was onto my Bartending secrets.

    April 20th – *Traveling with 6 others who had not been to TTR nor had we all traveled together prior to this trip.

    Peoria Airport:
    Mission accomplished, I was able to bring the yummy bears in my carry on, PLUS have some soaked for my arrival, and 2 more lbs to soak while at the resort.
    All flights were on time, I’m geared up and ready to party TTR style and meet everyone from the April Addicts that I could in such a short time. My group goes to get their luggage and BAM! One of our group had their luggage taken, mistaken luggage identity. So we spent about 2 hours at the airport trying to get all of the information to the airline as possible. Then when that was said and done and 1 suitcase short, it was time for a Cerveza at the bar outside past the timeshare hounds. USA Transfers was there waiting on us. Such a seamless process I love the part, to just walk past people knowing my ride is there and I’m going to be partying it up TTR style within 20 minutes.

    Check in was very smooth, was put into the wrong type of room, but ehhhh I didn’t care. I wasn’t bumped. I had a place to crash, shower and put my stuff.
    First thing I did when I got to my room was move the red rugs out of any walking area. I did not want to have any “Matrix flying accidents” in my room after too much Bacardi.

    I knew since it was almost 11 pm the party would be happening down at PattyO’s, so I freshened up changed into my White Night outfit and off to the party I went. It did not take long to start recognizing people from the April Addicts. Karen, Craig, Rene, Brian, and Keith were the first I ran into from CCC. I must say everyone looked great in their whites! It did not take long for the drinks to start going down nice and easy, then the request came for the Yummy bears.

    The Peach Schnapps yummy bears made their debut at PattyO’s and Keith lead me to Powder aka Derek aka helpless puppy. Too fun to walk up to an intoxicated puppy and tell him to open his mouth. He asks why and I tell him to do as I say. Haha he does, then I give him some yummybears. Then he knew who I was. “One of the CCC Cougars” he was warned about. All in good fun.

    April 21, 1st full day Up early enough to save 2 seats out by the Sexy pool, then off to breakfast, the buffet had a bit of a different variety than what they had in January, and in a positive way. Yes it is true people look different out by the pool vs theme nights at the hotel. It just takes getting off your butt and go mingle. The day was fast : the time – the drinks going down – the people I met – the atmosphere at the sexy pool etc ! Then night fall sets in Oh watch out – Mommabear is drinking dancing and singing – I’m on vacation! – I see NuttyRat is up dancing… one can’t let a person dance alone..lol So off I go to the dance floor, Drink in hand, music going getting my dance on.. Ok so its more of a laughing sight than dancing, but hey Nobody knows me and I don’t give a shit!… I had fun! I remember that night meeting Donny and Marie! Again I must apologize, I get in a drinking singing dancing mode, I am in my own lil world. I was up this night until the music stopped… Granted things are getting blurry!

    April 22, Sunday Funday!!!! I wake up after a couple hours of sleep….Up and moving and turn on the tunes and Oh Wow guess who has no voice! I figured it would come back after I lubed the vocal cords with more Bacardi. So what better place to try and fix this.. at the bar.. belly up… and see if I will be able to drink my way to being able to speak. Haha NOPE. So back to mingling. Meet Glen and Monique, Delicious, Mr and Mrs MacieJo, Brewster, Partydollgirl, Mr santa, Lanapud, and many more. Spent the afternoon being a nurse to Delicious due to an accident up by the bar. I could not just sit back and watch how the Medics tried to bandage her ankle up. I kicked into “Mom” mode. I don’t think I was barking orders but I told the medic what was needed so I could get her fixed up and back into party mode.
    The sun goes down and the Sexy schoolgirl outfits and the kilts come out… Oh Craig, I just loved your Micro Kilt ;) Again people looked fabulous! Photos being taken, dancing going on. I’m bouncing back n forth from my new friends from CCC and the friends I traveled with. Still no voice, but that won’t slow me down. Then to the Sports pool to listen to Bruce, Kim and Brian play guitar and sing. What a beautiful way to end the night, so fun yet so relaxing with good friends.

    April 23rd, Steve’s BOOB Cruise day! – Up Bright n early, have breakfast, meet out at PattyO’s, as everyone gathers you can tell the one’s who have never been before… they seem a little scared. Ehh not to worry! For some reason all of the bottles of alcohol started lining up on the table in front of me. Then it was “Mom” mode, making sure all the guys have their sun screen on.. Haaha Line up..I’ll lube em up. Then we all walked past the sexy pool like we were going to detention. Little do they know, they are the ones going to be missing all the fun. On the boat, drink in hand we start to cruise… Ohhh water is a bit too rough for me to keep standing, a bit rough on a woman with 2 broken vertebrae’s. But that does not stop me from having fun, I can’t talk, voice is still gone, but I’m on vacation! Brian, Craig, Jeremy and Derek make sure I always have a drink in hand. Omar has the ladies tops off, and flying high, music is pumping and show on the bow is beginning to heat up. And Monique, woman you amaze me on how well you can stand on top of that boat and not fall off!!! We get to the 1st stop.. Lunch, looked very good, but really didn’t have an appetite. The games were fun to watch, all of the beautiful ladies lined up on the beach for their photo! Then back on the boat. I sit in my same spot, drink in hand and hey who needs channel 12 aka the food network J so Im a voyeur I watched the show going on. My friend Jeremy was in 7th heaven when Omar let him sing, since he sings in a band back home. Then the next stop, Shopping, or the stinky bar, I opted for going for a walk and conversation, yes even without much of a voice, it was a great time getting to know new friends. Then we ventured to the stinky bar to meet up with the rest of the crew. Love the locals there! Steve and Janet are wonderful! He was worried that Mommabear isn’t having fun, just because I can’t talk that well or stand up on the boat to dance, I still have a great time. I always do on Steve’s Famous Boob Cruise! Back on the boat… I sit and talk with Malcolm for a while. What a charming wonderful man. Then venture to the top of the boat, I felt like a alcohol infused Whipped cream human buffet… HOT DAMN! I am glad no one chipped a tooth ;) I love my life … ((( Fill in what happened here… LOL)) Later that night, I caught Rene, Craig and Karen before they left for their long journey home. Talk about 3 wonderful people! The rest of the night was somewhat of a blur.. so If I don’t remember it didn’t happen.. and if it did show me the damn pictures!

    April 24th – Last full day at TTR, Up early again… Soaked the last of the Gummy bears with Sour Puss. Then off to breakfast, food ohh yes BACON!!!! Finally I caught the buffet just in time! Of course my voice is still gone, my liver is no where to be found, yet each day I meet more and more wonderful people. The day seemed to be more mellow around the sexy pool. I see Monique and her butt is one big bruise, OUCH!!!! Girl your acrobatics on the cruise would put any gymnast to shame!!!!! You ROCK.
    Later in the day brought out the rest of the yummy bears, not a good as the batch I brought down, but still were slimy, sticky and tasty until they melted. Oh well…What do you expect with 80 degree temps and gummy bears!!!!
    Later that evening, had dinner with Glenn and Monique. I could sit and talk with these 2 for hours… Ok, Days!!! Then off to karaoke. Jeremy aka Ron Jeremy could not wait to sing, I still say they should have made him sing the songs in Spanish lol. Keith, Jeremy and Brad did a great job, actually all of the singers did a great job. Jeremy packed his winning bottle of Champagne ($ 2.50 @ walmart) to take back home to his girlfriend… “It was the most expensive bottle of Mexican Champagne hunny” LMAO
    Then back out to PattyO’s for more socializing, singing dancing and yes drinking.

    April 25th – Departure day – Yes this day sux, I don’t want to leave. I want to pout like a little child. I love TTR, and all of the wonderful people I met on this trip. I was able to say my good-byes to the ones I could, but for me it isn’t good-bye it’s “until we see each other again my friend.”

    To those I met and did not mention, I blame it on the alcohol and lack of photos. It was a pleasure meeting each and every one of you, even if it was just to say hello!

    So here is Mommabear’s tips to Newbies:
    Book your transfers with USA Transfers, Be social on CancunCare and chat with people who will be there while you are there. Don’t be a “douchebag” be respectable to all. Realize you are not going to a 5* hotel the food and the rooms may not be top of the line, but they will keep your belly full and a place to sleep or other things;) Ladies, leave the high heals at home, safety over looks, any outfit with crutches or a wheelchair is not sexy. Make sure you go on Steve’s Boob cruise! Tip the staff they work hard to make your vacation effortless. Get involved with the games, have fun, you only live once. If you think your drinks are weak, ask for another shot and tip the bartender ya tightass, they will remember you! Blow off the small stuff, live, laugh, have fun, go out of your comfort zone in life, don’t leave your vacation saying I wish I would have………..

    TTR is not for you if: *You are uptight and do not like to laugh and have fun. *If you think seeing people and tatas of all shapes and sizes is offensive. * If you are a jealous spouse/bf/gf/ etc. *Think “adult humor” is offensive. *If you think just because TTR is adults only that you will get laid by someone different every day and night. Truth is, if you don’t get action like that at home you wont get it on vacation either, whether TTR or not!

    Mommabear aka Carol
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    Thanks for the detailed trip report, glad you had such a wonderful time! :headbanger: :biggrinbandit: :ernaehrung015:
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    Carol, you are such a delight. I have never met a more selfless person than you. You certainly deserved a vacation, and I look forward to future well-deserved vacations with you.

    And I agree with all your newbie tips except I refuse to give up my 6" heels...until I end up in wheelchair and then I'll rethink that one :D

    Lots of hugs to you, and give a big one to Jeremy as well.
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    Great trip report, see you in Calgary!! bring your boots! ;)
  5. Bubba

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    Great Trip Report Carol. It was great to meet you as well and hope to see you again Maybe this summer. the gummy bear idea was great.

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    Great trip report!

    We used to fly out of Peoria also!
  7. bigsexy&misssexy2012

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    Good trip report, I look forward to spending more time Partyin with you next trip!
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    All I have to say is:

    Amen Sister and you're welcome to join us in May anytime!

    It would be an honor to party with you!


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    Wow, what a great report. It is making me chomp at the bit to get theree already. We have prepared this time to make the most of it by bringing trinkets for the theme nights so we get everyone involved. Beads, bands, glow stuff, kilt, school girl stuff, BooYah cant wait!
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    Loved the trip report! Great write up. I will have to take my chances with the heels though. I also hope by June the cruise is a little smoother. Not a big fan of choppy waters. Thanks for taking the time to write such a thorough report - Susie
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