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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by spradioman, Feb 14, 2008.

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    Walshlaw - thanks for the recommendation. I'm familair with the Captains Cove...but don't specifically remember Pancho & Willie's. We'll definately check it out.

    Susan in downtown - thanks for the information. I'm kinda laughing becuase although I've been to Mexico a half dozen times.....and my fathers side of the family is mexican. I can do no more in spanish than ask for a cerveza...some water....the bathroom...and say good morning and thank you. Which is truly enough to have a good trip to Cancun. Do you think it would be impossible for 10 of my compadres and myself to go downtown, eat and have a few beers over music without a lick of spanish??
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    Spradioman I dont know any more spanish then you and have never had any problems downtown, actually we prefer Downtown to the HZ.
    So dont worry about it
  3. spradioman

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    That may even add to the adventure of it. Just wanted to make sure we didn't find ourselves in a situation of total lack of communication. But this is Cancun afterall.
  4. Susan in Cancun

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    I'm sure you can survive a night of eating and drinking in downtown Cancun without knowing Spanish. Menus have photos sometimes and you can use hand signals or charades to get your point across with everything else. Most importantly, you can always point to your drink of choice on a menu also! You'll be fine. Enjoy!

    By the way, I am FAR from fluent in Spanish. In fact, I probably at about the same level as a 5-year old. CancunCanuck's little boy probably speaks much more (and better!) Spanish than I do, and I get by alright.
  5. Walshlaw

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    Pancho and Willie's is new about a year ago. It is adjacent to Captains Cove.
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