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Discussion in 'Temptation Resort Reviews' started by Krager, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Krager

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    This will be a lazy TR because it won't be day by day or anything. Mostly because there are some days I don't remember.

    First of all it was an awesome time, always love getting to see my friends from years past and meeting new ones. If i didn't get a chance to hang out with you this year, I wasn't being intentionally anti-social, the 2 weeks the Chaos Crew are there have gotten so big it's hard to make the rounds and have fun with everyone .

    A few of the highlights:
    -The three dance moves that work for every song: driving the car, adjust the shirt, and shootin the guns
    -Josh bullying me into shots my first night: "you want a shot?" "nope" "you want a shot?" "nope" "want a shot?" "ok"
    -the damn dice game
    -Coree's beer mug having a better trip then him
    -the most disturbing(and awesome) Poison Ivy and Joker costumes you'll ever see, seriously there are some things you'll never un-see. Thanks for the nightmares Russ and Kurt.
    -Lot's of beer pong in the pool. Busted my floating pong table a couple of years back, luckily there are plenty of other degenerates to step up and bring theirs.

    As always, it's the people that make the trip. We could take the same group anywhere and we would have just as much fun.......until the cops showed up.

    here's the boring details for those interested.

    Arrival and departure were good, booked through USA Transfer (use link from site to support ) They were quick and on time as always.

    Seems like the buffet has fallen off a bit, but could just be me. Still decent, just not quite as good as I remember. Tex mex was good and that's the only other restaurant I did this trip. Mostly it was afternoon pizza's and late night burgers, both of which are fantastic when you're drunk. I have no idea how they taste if you're sober. :ernaehrung015:


    I was over in the 5600 bldg. quick trip to sexy pool, longer stumble home from Patyo's at the end of the night/morning. Pretty quiet. A/C was very good, hot water in shower was hit or miss.

    Hopefully I'll see y'all next year. My liver may be recovered by then.
  2. TDRobb17

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    It was great seeing you again Travis. Thanks for all the dance moves Sensei!

    Trish says you have to keep working on April! (I think she wants me to take the advanced class...)
  3. zurc

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    Great seeing you again brother! Can't wait for the next one!
  4. Trish

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    Was a pleasure as always hanging out with the Chaos Crew guys. Glad you had fun and we didn't quite destroy you with the dice game.
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