Latest Trip Advisor reviews are terrible!

Discussion in 'Golden Parnassus Forum' started by Nebtrvlr, Oct 1, 2013.

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    Poor reviews on Trip Advisor

    My wife and I just returned home from a week at GP, our second visit, and had a great time there. We had no issues with the room, the food, the service or the other guests. It's a fun hotel that might be a little 'dated' (as I often read in these reviews) but the beds are pretty comfortable, the food is good to really good, the beer is cold and the servers are great. We met several fun couples and enjoyed visiting around the Tiki bar, pool and warm tub. My wife likes to sunbathe topless on the beach and she was glad that there were a few other women who were like-minded, but there didn't seem to be any pressure to do it or any disapproval either. Remember, this is an adults only resort and we were there in October, so we didn't see a single child the whole time. I often wonder about TA reviewers who complain about everything; some probably have legitimate gripes about specific things that have gone wrong during their visit but I think some just aren't happy unless they're unhappy. We pretty much just go with things, knowing that not everything will be perfect but trying to enjoy as much as we can.
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