Kindergartens with Chinese tuition?

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Drewbert, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. Drewbert

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    It's called planning ahead.

    Well spotted, though :)
  2. cunspin

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    If the Chinese falls through you can get Tennis and Golf lessons from when they start walking.
  3. gbchayctca

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    Not exactly an answer to Drew's question, but there is a small Chinese community in Valladolid because there are two Chinese-owned maquiladoras there.

    Please post about what you find out about the Chinese community in Cancun...not useful to me, but just very interesting.

    And why Chinese? Just curious. :)
  4. T.J.

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    Cancun. QR, Mexico
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    or to anyone else. Drewbert is just strange. LOL
  5. Drewbert

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    I'm as strange as the company I keep.

    A few stats and articles. Some stats from memory, so may be slightly off, but the trend is there...

    China surpasses USA in Internet usage... (you need to load this URL twice to get past Forbe's gateway){9A653FE8-70DA-48F3-AE20-44C77B142A0C}

    Take a look at Alexa's Global top 500 website list...

    Chinese sites at #7 10 18 22 25 30 37 38 42 and they're continuing to climb up the ladder.

    China has 450 million cellphones, and send 1 billion text messages each day.

    5 million students graduated from Chinese Universities last year. ONE University in Beijing has more Engineering students than the entire US University system.

    And China hasn't just poured half a trillion dollars down a hole in the middle east with the only results being increased tension and the over-stretching of it's military and less oil coming out of Iraq than when Saddam was running things.

    China is the 2nd biggest oil consumer in the world, and has good relations with Venezuela and Iran. They build housing for the poor in Venezuela in exchange for oil.

    Macau is set to take over from Las Vegas as the largest gambling centre in the world - all the big casino operators from Las Vegas are building hotels and casinos there as you read this.

    Newly-rich Chinese are starting to come on-stream for the global tourism market.

    The 21st Century belongs to the Chinese. I want my kids to have an advantage over all the other non-Chinese kids when they start job hunting.

    I woke up and smelled the coffee.
  6. Drewbert

    Drewbert Guest

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  7. Life_N_Cancun

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    No argument here, that if the leadership in China can contain the growth and avoid any major problems, China will be the big dog soon enough, and then the world can blame them for everything. :lol:

    As far as the school I mentioned, I must have been hallucinating, as I saw no such signs on any of the language schools that I passed yesterday going to Gran Plaza.....
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