Just got back - what swine flu?!?!?

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Brett61, May 5, 2009.

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    What swine flu?!?!? I was so glad to get out of the US and forget about the swine flu. You would never know that the World was talking about it while you are there. I really did laugh about all the non sense and people worrying on here when I got there. We stayed at the GR Solaris and I noticed that other reviews said you had to be at the pool by 8:00 to get a chair, they still filled up but around 9:00 or so. Being this was my first time there I thought it was busy, still lots of people. About cancun closing businesses... I could be wrong but I do not think anything closed - ask and I will tell you if they were or not. All the bars and clubs (the 3 major clubs - The City, Coco Bongo, Daddy O's) were still open and hotel was still shuttling guest there. Like I said before I left... DON'T CANCEL YOUR TRIP... you will be dissapointed if you do! We only saw a total of like 4 people wearing mask both ways! Not what the media is showing!

    ok about our trip
    - the jungle tour isn't really though the jungle I was thinking of but driving a boat and the coral was great!
    - the beach is amazing!
    - senior frogs was something else!!
    - bring lots of ones and fives because it is mexico and its hard to find places to break down your american money for small bills to tip
    - we found that the hotel had the best exchange rate
    - take the bus - its cheap and easy!
    - the locals are really really nice!
    - leaving cancun if you use a shared shuttle service then you will have to be at the airport 4 hours early!! All you really need is about 3 hours and that is still plenty.
    - also now when leaving cancun you have to go through a little area that I am assuming the just set-up, to fill out a 5 question survey about your health and they take your temp. (when you get off the shuttle an airport associate takes your bags for you and walks you to the area)
    - Had a blast and can't wait to go back - next time for longer!!
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    What swine flu.

    Thanks for your post.....it just confirms what my travel agent said. She is having people email her upon their arrival back home and after several days.....to see if any symptoms. She claims that one would not even know about the swine flu thing down there unless they turned on the tv there. Saw no one in masks. Our family is very healthy so we are choosing to go on our May 28th trip, but as a precaution, we will stay away from my Dad for a week or so after our return due to his fragile health..... We will also be careful in the airport both in Houston and Cancun!
    Can't wait to stay at our fave hotel, Riu Caribe!

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    nobody would know about the swine flu here unless they turned on the TV, read a newspaper or were on the interenet. Not sure why you would even think it would be different in Cancun
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