Jungle Tour vs. Snorkeling Adventure

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Juicy777, Aug 12, 2008.

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    Hi, there are going to be four of us going to Cancun in November, we are debating between the jungle tour and the snorkeling adveture offered by EP. We are looking for a half-day tour that is not too crowded. If heard that many tours go to both snorkeling locations for both tours, can anyone give me some suggestions. Thanks.
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    The snorkeling adventure offered by EP is by far the better option if good snorkeling is what you are looking for.

    Instead of going to the reef in Cancun that hundreds of Jungle tour visitors go to daily you go to the deserted reef in Puerto Morelos on a small boat with a max of 10 people or can go private with as small a group as just 4 people. The reef is just a mile from the shore is totally undisturbed and seldom visited.

    The Jungle Tour is OK if the speedboat driving is your main reason for going and snorkeling is just a side attraction. But if snorkeling is your thing then the Puerto Morelos trip cant be beat imho.

    Please see my page below for more info and pics:
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    wow, thanks Steve! I went on the jungle tour last year, and yes, the speedboat thing was great, and the snorkeling kinda sucked because they had to take us to a different location to go snorkeling, that part wasnt very fun. Will def. be looking into this other option though! Thanks!
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