June 2024 - Maybe? I’m New & Have Questions

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by im_new_here, May 20, 2024.

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    I’m new to this, but have been wanting to get involved for a while now (Ie- looking for parties, clubs, etc), however boyfriend is totally against swinging, which is fine - but he won’t even give anything a chance because he assumes they are all for swingers only & would only be ok with a unicorn (which is totally unrealistic and he understands that, and is another reason why he doesn’t want to go) … so he has been totally against anything sexual related until I began reading him reviews about this resort and how it’s sexy/but not all swingers and he is just now open to the idea of visiting the the resort to see what it’s about… I’m being respectful of his feelings and letting him come around on his own to whatever he ends up being comfortable with; I’m hoping that we’ll get there and he’ll release his inhibitions and have a good time like I know he will! (He’s secretly super freaky lmao)

    With that being said, I am thinking of booking just 1 night while we are visiting June 7th-13th and staying at a different resort; this way he can see what it’s all about and hopefully have a good experience so that we can come back for a full week next time. I have a few questions though…

    Q1. Is it worth it to book one night or should I just get a day pass? I feel like one night would be better to get a taste of everything that goes on and we would have a place to relax if we are feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated? But at the same time, it’s a lot of money to spend for just one night… ugh.

    Q2. One thing I know he’d for sure be into is the massages and I think this would set the tone for the rest of our time there. Does anyone have any updated information on what to expect? I keep seeing older posts but want to know what it’s like now and which one to choose. Looking for the sexiest one out there, he’s ok with stuff like this as long as it’s just me and him.

    Q3. Also, is Tuesday a good day/night to come & stay that will be fun still but maybe a little more chill (I don’t want to overwhelm him).

    Q4. And last question: If I don’t want to pay for a full night, how do I get a day pass so that we can go and do all the things?
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    Just some thoughts.

    When we first went to Temptation in 2013, my husband and I were excited, but super duper nervous. We almost cancelled multiple times. The idea of topless travel was thrilling, but the possibility of meeting swingers was terrifying. Luckily we didn't cancel and we were so happy we visited.

    It was not terrifying at all. I had been worried about obnoxious frat boys, orgies, groping, public drunkenness, fighting, etc. It was nothing like that. It was fun, flirty, sexy, funny and best of all, safe. We had been pretty vanilla people, but also with a "secretly super freaky" side as well. Temptation is not a "swingers' resort" but you might see swingers there. We are not swingers and we never felt offended or unsafe in the presence of any guests there.

    The point of this is to say: we were apprehensive, reluctant, downright scared to go at first. However, once we got there, our fears and doubts melted away. I believe many many first time travelers have this experience.

    That said, I do not think one day would not be enough. Temptation is super fun and they have fun activities and events each day of the week.

    I also do not think they do day passes. I know this topic has come up from time to time. But even if they did offer day passes, I would advise against it: go the WHOLE day, into the night. Temptation is a lively and fun place and gets better in the later evening.

    I can't comment on the massages, as we've never booked one at the resort. But I've heard they're amazing!

    And re: the part about overwhelming him. Temptation is very stimulating, but it's very easy to step away from it and enjoy some relaxation. The beach is steps away and is usually relaxing. There's also a Quiet Pool that is serene with a full service bar. It wouldn't be difficult to have a whole relaxing week at Temptation, if you wanted.
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    Don't be scared of swingers. They are not aggressive or interested in you sexually if you are not a swinger. Single guys at the resort or at any regular bar will be more likely to hit on the girl and be forward. I would say most swingers are not interested in converting anyone. Experience is more intriguing.

    Also realize if you are wanting a unicorn then some might put you in the category of a swinger. It is a broad term. Everyone there has different rules and goals with their spouse. There are plenty of other couples that are nervous about what it will be like. You can make Temptations pretty tame if you want. Just people watch, enjoy the activities (shows, volleyball, other pool games). Just like any bar people won't throw themselves on you unless you are sending out the vibes and flirting yourself.

    I would suggest taking the plunge and making it your whole stay. It isn't worth it just going for a day pass and you should really be there for a minimum of 3 nights to enjoy it.
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    I will be there during your available dates with a large group of online and real life friends. Some are LS, but most are just for the party.
    Hearing it is a sell out over the weekend, and getting close to sold out for the weekdays. Go for a stay. The day pass (if even available) is not enough.
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