July 10-17 2012 Trip Report (Long & Detailed)

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun Reviews' started by gncnew, Jul 20, 2012.

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    Hey everyone! We just got back and it was very bitter sweet. Great to be back home to the kids and all, but hate coming off vacation and going right back into the grind. We had a good time but there were some bumps in the road - so I figured to be fair and objective I'd give my report first with a quick day-by-day, then a summary done as "The Good, The Bad, the Ugly". A few of our first nights were a complete bust since Christy got sick (food poisoning we suspect) on the second night, and I got sick (too many bubba keg drinks) the third night). But we made it out to some extent every other night other than our last - we opted to stay in since Christy had a special "outfit", just for me ;). And no Loren, I'm not posting pictures of it!

    We ate at all the restaurants and only left the resort for one day. I'll make another post about the restaurants specifically. We stayed in Jacuzzi Room # 1118.

    Tuesday 10th: Got to the resort at about 4pm or so after a long day, went to eat at Margaritas - had the pizza... it was good - wanted a salad - not a real one to be found. Went to the sexy pool in our street cloths and had a drink or two. It was very mellow when we got there - we immediately met Ronda and Eddie, and they made us feel right at home. We then met Loren from KandL when he quickly jumped out of the pool, recognizing us immediately from our pic on here, and introduced himself to us. His wife Kat was busy in the pool with some friends, but we met her the next day. As seems to be the norm for a lot of others on their first night, we wanted to go out but just couldn't muster the energy. We decided to chill out in our jacuzzi, which was very nice, and then sleep.


    Wednesday 11th: I'm an early riser, so towels and t-shirts on chairs next to an umbrella at the sexy pool by 6am, then back to sleep for a couple hours. We ate at the breakfast buffet, and were then to the sexy pool by 10am. By Noon I play "dad" and make Christy come out of the pool to share a quick cheese burger with me. She made me promise to make her eat because once she's enjoying cocktails... food is the last thing she cares about. She got a little tipsy - we met Kat (Loren's quieter but much prettier and smarter half), the BamaPetes, Carcon14, Edgar and Sheila (not on the board but another couple from Alabama, like us), ClubEden, and several other couples. Again it was very mellow by the pool that day but we think after seeing how things played out that we were coming right in the middle of a changing of the guard. Several couples were leaving in the first couple of days we got there - and more were coming later. Took a 4 hour nap, woke up and ate the seafood place that night, all was cool, Christy was dressed up ready to go out... she suddenly isn't feeling very good. Spent the next 4 hours (until 2am) with her repeatedly throwing up. Not the drinks so had to be something in the food. I ate the same thing, so it was isolated but still no fun for her.

    Thursday 12th: I'm up getting Christy some OJ from the buffet and placing our towels out. She's trying to get moving. No more nausea, but weak and a little off from the night before. Back to the pool at 10 or so. In her recovering state, I decided I'd make up for the liquor she wasn't drinking and I started putting down bubba kegs full of Crown and Diet. By about 3pm I was randomly fist pumping people, talking non-sensical gibberish, and generally about to make an ass out of myself. So my wife dutifully takes me to the room... rather she GUIDES me to the room where I proceed to crash. She wakes me 2 hours later to make our Italian reservations. I'm a real treat as you might imagine. I drink 2 Liters of water (against her direct advice), then sit and do what I can to hold it together during dinner while I watch my food... I don't eat it... just cautiously watch it. Christy tells me it was good. Once done, we go back to the room, I promptly deposit the 2 Liters of water into toilet like a fire hose, clean up my ridiculous mess, and crash. Christy wakes me up enough to let me know how rightfully pissed she is that we're missing lingerie night as I sit shaking like a girl.

    *** For the record: I've not thrown up in the last 12 years, and we're more than casual drinkers. Trust me guys and girls, it's worth it to pace yourself ***

    Friday 13th: Back up and I'm determined not to feel like ass. We go to breakfast, Christy and I make a pact that today our f'ing vacation is going to start and we're f'ing going to have a good time! Fist pump each other and head out to the pool. I have to humbly explain our complete absence to all of our new friends, but we get things going and Christy and I are both pacing ourselves. Good times in general, meet a couple of new people - Txtigrs, Tennessee (JNK), the other Tennessee's, and others. We take a nice nap later, back up and eat Tex-Mex, meh, and go out for White Night. Christy wears a white tu-tu with a bikini top. Original plan was some sequin panties underneath, but she opted for shorts at the last minute for comfort - still looked ridiculously hot. Had a great time at Patty-Os. Danced more than we had for awhile. Met some other people - Jason (M-Roz), Ally (Alley Kat), and Creep Christian. Had more fun than we thought we would.

    Saturday 14th: I'm sure you've got the idea of the morning routine, wash/rinse/repeat - but today we went out on the "Premier" yacht with 4 other couples. Yacht goes on a grand tour of the bay, then anchors on the north side of Isle de Mujeres (or what the hell ever it is). 1pm-5pm of awesome. Had a blast - got a little tipsy, wife's top came off for the first time, swam in the ocean - Edgar's white ass was showing too much for my taste, but Christy didn't complain a lot.


    Came back to the pool, rejoined the group. Nap, ate Asian that night - GREAT FOOD AND ATMOSPHERE!!!. We really enjoyed the Asian restaurant! That night is the pool party and school girl night. Christy was f'ing hot (fuzzy picture as evidence).


    We had a great time at first, a whole crew of people came in this day that we met - TxTwoSteppers et al. We had a great time for the most part until a creepy ass literally attacked my wife when I went to get a drink. This story I'll refer to in it's entirety in this POST here. But suffice it to say, Christy decided to change out of her outfit and get into her swimsuit and jump in the sports pool for the rest of the night. HUGE thanks to Joey from Tennessee for throwing the dick into the pool and to Jason and Loren for jumping in. They kept me out of Mexican prison. We stayed in the pool for a long time after party moved to Paty O's. Had to leave after 2 twenty-something couples came over and tried to join in on the "fun time" we were having by ourselves in the corner of the pool... trust me, it wasn't "hot"... just bizarre.

    Sunday 15th: Pool was fun again but getting a very "business as usual" at this point, nap, ate at the Italian place that night. I actually ate this time and it was fantastic. If you don't get the Sexy Coffee, you're doing it wrong. It was as awesome as everyone says. Went to Paty O's that night, really just weren't feeling it... I think it was just too damn hot - seriously... like an oven in there. Moved to the sport pool for a little skinny dip. Almost had a little "fun" time again until two dudes trying to watch got too close. There's a distance where it's kind of hot to be watched, and there's a distance where it's creepy... guess which side of that line they were on...? They weren't trying to join the action; they were trying to be like a couple of high school guys who couldn't see well enough from where they were.... Not a fan of that.

    Monday 16th: Last day/night there. We actually went down the beach for the first part of the morning. This is SERIOUSLY under rated. Sat under the cabana bed thing, and down in the water... AMAZINGLY relaxing.


    Went into the pool for a little bit - Laura and Will (ReadytoParty) were now there along with a TON of other people that we really just didn't have enough time to get to know well. Really seemed like a changing of the guard. We had planned on going out that night for the Caribbean Heat party, but Christy let me know she had a special outfit for me that was well worth staying in for. Again - don't underestimate how much fun you can have in your own room... with the blinds open... :)

    Tuesday: 17th: Say our early goodbyes and off to the airport more tired than we should be, not ready to end the vacation, but ready to be home with the family and the dogs.

    The Good:

    • The staff - they are unreal. Tip them, tip often, tip well. It won't go unnoticed and it will make your trip better.
    • The food - nothing that will blow your mind away (well, sexy coffee aside), but overall good quality and presentation
    • The people - seriously, without a group of people that are all like-minded to hang out with, this trip wouldn't have been anywhere near as fun. Saw a lot of couples eyeing us with that "wish I was in that group" look. So glad we found this board before our trip to Temptation!!!
    • 2am Burger from Patty O's... yeah, it's that good.
    • The Jacuzzi Room - Don't care what anyone says, we used it 4 times in 7 days. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold... always awesome!

    The Bad:

    • Getting sick on the first 2 real nights there - one time was my fault, other wasn't.
    • The coconut rum... cheap stuff, not good.
    • Our room's AC - had it on full blast and pretty sure the room never fell below 78. And EVERYTHING was always damp in the room... even the walls.
    • The staff gathering to watch us on the last night, made it a little too obvious thus we had to shut off a couple of lights.
    • Sports pool isn't heated - but it's the only 24 hour pool... counter-intuitive.
    • Lack of activities during the day at the sexy pool. Thought there would be more going on than just some trivia and one contest - maybe it was the time of year?
    • Lack of Theme night participation - REALLY wish more people had dressed up for theme nights......maybe it is just the time of year that we went, who knows?
    The Ugly:

    • No seriously, our room was always wet... like my money in the safe felt like was in the shower with me... weird and made clothing smell bad.
    • Sophomoric atmosphere - I figured the events/activities would give a "sexy" vibe to the pool... felt more like a bad college frat party most of the time.
    • Music - they're trying too hard to make everyone happy. Strange "soft rock hits" medley in the morning, sometimes dance/techno in the afternoon, general strange mix. You can make everyone happy some of the time, and some people happy all the time, but you can't make everyone happy all the time... they need to figure out who/what they are and stick with it.
    • Paty O's is too f'ing hot. Seriously, put some fans up or something... no air flow and 86 degrees outside with humidity made it ridiculous.
    • Single guys. I truly thought I'd be the last one to say it - but seriously... this was a problem. Jason and a couple others we hung out with were really awesome.... But in general, it led to more reasons I WOULDN'T go back than anything.
      • As further explanation - packs of single guys were harmless, but they took over every activity and turned it into some kind of frat prank. They started having splish-splash parties (like snapping towels at each other) and more than once just dominated things. Nobody wants to dance when it's a sausage party of frat boys... well, most people.
      • There was more than just our instance of a single guy being hauled off to Mexican jail for jumping my wife. We had several other people tell us of bad situations and experiences with them while we were there. Generally speaking, anyone can stupid, but packs of single guys, in this environment, drunk, and not getting laid... what could go wrong?
    Christy and I both agree that we had a great time and it was money well spent. We enjoyed meeting couples from all over the country and the world and from different backgrounds - both lifestyle and not. What we found was that for the most part we got along better with these people than almost anyone back home (not surprised, just confirmed). And we met some people we'd really like to try and vacation with again some time. Loren and Kat (KandL) should be named as official ambassadors or something as they made it their mission to make sure as many people from CCC were having a great time. Our trip wouldn't have been the same without them!

    But we also agree that while we may return at some point, we're not racing off to book our next trip. We thought that a good mix might be a 2-3 days at TTR, and then maybe 3-4 days at Desire. Get a little party in before relaxing.

    Of course, these are just our views and opinions based on our first experience at TTR. Everyone has a different experience and some of the things we didn't particularly care for others may enjoy - and vice versa. We just wanted to share our trip with others on here in the hopes it may be helpful or interesting.

    I've uploaded a few pictures into an album on here.
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    That was a trip report done right! Complete with pictures and detailed descriptions. We agree with you on pretty much everything you said there, thank you for posting it! And yes, Kat and Loren are awesome people!
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    Great trip report. Thanks for taking the time to post it.

    Sorry to hear about the problem with the singles :(
  4. Bec&Al

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    Thanks for the details- it takes a little time to write all that...
  5. Ready2party

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    Hi guys. We just got home. It was great to meet you but just wish we would ha e had more time. We also had an issue with a single "kid" that almost got him hurt. Great trip report!
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    Great TR -

    We hate to say this but with prices so low for an all inclusive resort - you end up with a lot of folks who are disrespectful and lack class.

    I had to tell a few guys we were playing organized games with that its a vacation and supposed to be fun, not ultra competitive and just chill. We kinda understood why women don't really get involved in the sports activities in the pool - was an open invitation for the guys to get a little rough on some events.

    We thought the singles dominated the resort in late March through mid-April so surprised to hear about your experience in July.
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    Wow...what a great trip report. Thank you for taking sooo much time to write it. :clappyinghappy:

    I'm wondering if the summer months perhaps attract more young singles because (a) they are out of university in the summer; or (b) the prices are extra-low due to the high temps and risk of rain/storms. Young guys generally don't have a lot of money to spend, so it makes sense they would travel during low season.

    I've been to TTR the last week of November and in mid-April. I really can't recall any problems with young single guys last November at all, or even noticing significant numbers of single guys. April there were definitely some 20-somethings and low-30's that created a mosh pit atmosphere in the Sexy Pool in the mid-afternoon and the occasional problem at Paty-O's at night, but it did not appear to me to be of a magnitude to put people off coming back to the resort. There's been lots of discussion on this forum about the single guy problem, but unfortunately there just doesn't seem to be a solution. To add insult to injury, after messing up the vibe for the rest of us, they go home and complain on Tripadvisor.com that the resort is full of a bunch of old fatties! :angrymad:

    Anyway, I'm ranting here. I hope you do decide to return. You sound like a fun couple and I'd love to cross paths with you at TTR sometimes. :)
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    Now that is a great report!! Thanks for putting up photos and day by day summaries. Really made it nice to read it. It is a shame you guys had off days the first two days. It worries me to hear about singles misbehaving however. I am excited for theme nights, and school girl night but hope we will not have any perverts trying anything! The CCC group needs to stick together!
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    Ha ha! Send the perverts my way! I will send them home crying to their Mommies!
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    I have to say I totally agree with you. This will be our fourth trip and I must say our first two sucked with the single guy groups. I really don't know what to say other than they act like its the first time they ever saw tits before and yes both times asses went to a Mexican jail. I hope the resort doesn't end up going couples only like so many others have we've met plenty of single guys that were a blast with class but I've been reading a lot of nightmare posts lately regarding the post. And let's face it there are more and more resorts that offer topless pools and sexy fun adults only and couples only. It would suck if classless single guys ruin the resort.
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