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    The position is for outbound sales agents to speak to domestic and commercial users throughout USA and Canada. The product we offer is a yearly membership for $99.00 which employees are paid $30.00.

    The office is open Monday-Friday 10am until 8pm, Saturday 10-2. People have the option to choose which day/days they wish to work, a minimum of 4 hours per working day is required.

    This allows our members wholesale price on over 95,000 hotels worldwide.

    The concept is similar to a Costco or Sam’s Club membership which we guarantee to beat the likes of Expedia and Kayak ect.

    We are based in Cancun Central at the moment close by to Plaza Las Americas, we are also in the process of opening another office in Cancun Central as we are expanding due to increase in business.

    Contact on or 9981903061
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