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Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by GavT11, Mar 26, 2009.

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    smack bang out of the blue a memory of my 2005 May Trip to BBG came into my head which lead me to logging back on for the 1st time in years to see whats what.

    A new hotel name but thankfully it seems (and I hope) its the same hotel and more importantly the same atmosphere and environment it was back in 2005 :)

    I was lucky enough back then to book right in the middle of the renunion and met sooo many fantastic people. A quick look at some posts I see a few familiar names in Jamie and Les n Lyntha. I hope you are all well and still loving life.

    Plenty has changed for me since May 2005. My happy memories of being at the BBG (Temptation) have not. Those 2 weeks were the best holiday I've ever had and I live in hope that 1 day I will return for more delightful crazyness.

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