IT Specialist plans to move to Playa / Cancun

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by beowolf, Jul 20, 2015.

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    I am an IT Specialist trained and educated in Germany with a Certificate from the "Chamber of Industry and Commerce" and also CCNA Certificate and an LPIC1 Certificate and use both of the knowledge i got thru it. Next Step will be the CCNA Voice where i already have scheudeled a Appointment. I am good at Windows Systems but also be able to handle Linux Machines. Normally i maintain a Company Network as the right Hand for my Boss, and give some Help to Customers / Colleges at work. I would love to get a Spot in a Company like this Overseas. But any other IT Offer would be great too. I already know what i have todo to get an Allowence there so the Company should be able to handle the Time Gap and Paperwork that is needed till i actually can start to work there.
    And of Course the Reason for me to Come there is Love so i also would have a little Help there. Hope this is the right Place to Post. If also somebody has any Advise about this please leave a Message or Mail me.
    My Language Skills yet are: English, German but i will try to get some Spot to learn Spanish too.

    Best Regards

    P.S: A Résumé can be send if needed.
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    I am an English as Second or Other Language instructor (bachelors degree in history, secondary anthropology (mostly cultural and archaeology but some physical) and applied language), if you'd like help with your English feel open to contact me. There are smaller places as well as locations iike Harmon Hall to learn English and Spanish.

    I ran into an IT person out of Veracruz who was on vacation in Mexico a couple years ago. It appears like there is quite a bit of contracting going on for IT and Security specialists, with not as many in house. I also went to school, for electrical engineering, with someone who did IT in house, but found it to be very high pressure.

    Hopefully you enjoy Cancun Q.Roo is a beautiful area, awsome weather and good people.

    There are some good apps for learning Spanish as well as conversation groups.

    I'm a linux user myself.

    It is easier to find jobs on Spanish language work cites. Do a google search with "Trabajo Cancun IT" etc...

    trabajo de computacion en cancún, quintana roo.

    feel open to add me as a contact.

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