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    Known as a wildlife and bird refuge, Isla Contoy is an untouched, beautiful island. It is located about 1 hour from Cancun by boat to the north.


    The island limits the number of visitors to 200 per day to maintain the pristine quality of Isla Contoy. We offer two options to see Isla Contoy from Cancun. They both include snorkeling on the reef (with guide and gear included) all day open bar and a wonderful buffet of seafood salad and Mayan style grilled fish (called Tikinxic). Option A uses an authentic replica of famous discovery ships and Option B uses faster, more modern boats.

    The island is home to over 152 species of birds including frigates, egrets, terns, spoonbill, pelicans & flamingos. But birds aren't the only thing on Isla Contoy. We saw many iguanas and more crab than I had ever seen before. Yet that did not compare to the thrill we experienced when standing in shin-deep water off the sandy beach and letting Samantha, the very friendly angle ray who loves people, swim between our feet in circles.

    When you come on vacation to Cancun you'll notice it can be the airport, at the hotel, on the beach, in the clubs...lots of people enjoying the paradise that is Cancun. If you are looking for a peaceful day away from the crowds in a natural island environment, then Isla Contoy is for you.

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