Is Wal-Mart exploiting teen workers in Mexico?

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by mixz1, Aug 1, 2007.

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    I saw a sign once at either Chedraui or Soriana soliciting those bagger kids. The requirements were, ID, signed letter of authorization from a school stating that they are in good standings grade wise, letter from parents, and were 12 to 16 years of age for "part-time" work. So at least they make some attempt to ensure that the kids are in school and off the streets. I have no problems whatsoever with teenagers working at the stores, I do get a little uneasy when I see kids that are clearly 8 or 9 working, but again, its better than them running around the streets and whatnot. Are the stores taking advantage of them...maybe. Is it a "bad" thing.... IMO, no. They can make a pretty decent coin if they are at a busy store and it does, as was mentioned, teach some basics of life and is a way to keep them on the right track towards being responsible adults. Just remember that the minimum wage here is about $4dlls PER DAY, so if they really wanted to take advantage they could offer them that and keep the tips. Everyone loves to attack the big dog, whether its Wal-mart or the US.... I think this more or less comes down to that basic fact.
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    Very well said!!!
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    Johndish...I know exactly what kid you're talking about. That kid always impressed me at Soriana. I always thought that his work ethic and attitude outshined many adults I know.

    May he go far!
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