Is there a bank close to the BBG?

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Bubba's Other Mistress, Mar 18, 2007.

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    Can anyone tell me if there is a bank close to the BBG? (within walking distance)

    I understand there is an ATM at the market close by, but I think we will also try to convert currency at the bank at some point.

    From my readings on the forum, I understand the exchange rate at the hotel is not as good as the bank.......

  2. Klaw

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    No...there isn't a bank close to BBG.

    You either have to go downtown or up farther into the hotel zone.

    There is a cambio across the street from BBG where you can exchange your money. Their rates are usually pretty good.
  3. Drewbert

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    How far do you like to walk?

    There are 2 ATM's right outside BBG (were last time I looked at least). Nearest bank would be a toss-up between walking to the party zone, or walking into town to the Tulum banking cluster.

    Better option exchange rate wise is probably to bus to Walmart and buy some stuff with USD and take the change in MNP.
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