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    From the Cozumel board...

    On Ironman Sunday, November 27, Cruz Roja volunteers will provide unique services to the competitors, their families and friends in the areas behind the finish line. hese areas are: Finish Line Triage, the Medical Tent, Recovery, and Public Information.

    We are asking you to help. You need not have any special skills other than a willingness to pitch in. However, we do need:
    -- Doctors, nurses, EMT's, paramedics and other people trained in first aid and response;
    -- Foreign-language translators (all languages) to help the competitors and their families, who are from many, many countries.

    Specific jobs include:
    -- Escorting athletes from the Finish Line to the Medical or Recovery Area (per doctor's instructions) and attending to their initial needs and comfort.
    -- Helping in the Medical area as a runner, either for dry clothing/special needs bags from the T-2 Transition Area or for liquids and food from the Recovery area.
    -- Working in recovery as an observer/helper.
    -- Working recovery as a First Responder while waiting for patient treatment or transfer by the Medical Team.
    -- Staffing the event check-out desk in the recovery area.
    -- Being a runner for the recovery area to bring gear and special needs bags from the T-2 Transition Area.
    -- Gatekeeper for the Exit from Recovery to prevent intrusion by the general public. (For those who worked last year, you'll be happy to learn that this is the only gatekeeping job this year!)
    -- Helping at information: Collecting info sheets from Medical & Recovery areas (every 30 minutes) and recording that information; Answering questions from the general public or finding people to help answer those questions; Taking & delivering messages between athletes & friends/family.

    The Ironman Organization may expand our responsibilities and I will let you know if other types of work is added.

    Depending on the Area, volunteer shifts will last around 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours. More information will follow in the days ahead.

    Please let me know if you're interested in this!

    Thank you,

    Deb Bollag
    Cruz Roja Mexicana I.A.P.
    Delegacion Cozumel
    email debbollag AT earthlink DOT net
    tel. 878 42 19
    cel 987 105 67 53
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