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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by Elizabeth, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Elizabeth

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    Is an over the water signal path a bad thing?
  2. Drewbert

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    Well, it needs to be specifically engineered for.

    There will be certain antenna heights where the signal reflecting off the water cancels out the direct signal, so you have to move the antenna up and down the pole at one end half a wavelength, to cancel it out.

    But then tides come into play. The water level changes, and so the optimum height of the antenna changes. Your huge signal suddenly disappears almost completely.

    So you either have an antenna that moves up and down the pole seeking out the max signal, or more likely you have two antennae on the pole (for a point to multipoint situation, economically better to do at the providers end) usually fed into two receivers, with the system automatically switching between the receivers as the signal levels change between them.

    Wireless mic systems use diversity antennae - that's why you see two antennae sticking out the top of the receiver.

    A lot of the wireless routers have 2 antennae these days - the people offering the service having trouble with across the lagoon reception probably need to add an extra dish. :^)

    I've installed systems like this for point-to-point oil rig communications but not for spread spectrum wireless internet. And we're getting WAY too nerdy.
  3. RiverGirl

    RiverGirl Guest

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    Drew - No offense, but you already were way too nerdy before. But I think I just learned a lot from you...
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