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    With nothing more to accomplish that to report a change of address, marital status, nationality or change of place of work I had a chance to visit INM yet again. Being a permanent resident doesn't get you out of having to make these pesky reports, and the process requires a tramite, although there is no fee.

    It took me almost an hour on the first visit to submit it and almost an hour on the second visit to pick up the document showing I'd made the report as the law requires.

    With the crowds greatly diminished the place is much quieter, now that most who were eligible having become permanent residents, and there is less effort to control the visitors than there was a year ago, but they still use the system of giving people a ticket for a turn, depending on what you're there for, which you pick up at the information desk on the right, as you enter, after a suitable wait in line inside.

    The two ladies who work the information function are both very pleasant, smile a lot, and try to be helpful, but I can't say I enjoy going in there anymore than I ever did....
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