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    Alright, so yet another pain in the butt coming up. Since switching to nomina I feel like I have been put through the paperwork wringer! They tell me I have to go to IMSS and get a number. Well, I don't want one, lol! I will never use IMSS facilities and feel like it's just another hassle, but apparently I have to freakin' have it. Whatever, I am tired of wasting my time in government offices, but I guess I have to. So, any experience with this? Will I be there all day? What do they want? And why the heck do I need it if I don't want it???
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    oh god, yes it's a bit of a nightmare.
    You have to take your birth certificate I know that much. I have never for same reason, as you say, you have to queue.
    Sorry I can't give you any more info but let us know how you get on !
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    Kelly I don't think you have to. I have the number but I never went to register. I meant to just for the purpose of having never know right. But I never did. If you don't want to I wouldn't bother. I mean think about it, is the Mexican government going to hunt you down because you didn't take advantage of their lovely healthcare???

    Sure they'll hunt you down to get tax money, but they won't because you didn't take advantage of a free service.
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    Because you are on nomina, the company is going to be taking taxes out of your check to pay IMSS. Whether you plan to use IMSS or not, the money still has to be deducted. Remember, its not just about healthcare. It goes to your pension, as well. (Soon, some dude from a bank is going to come by and ask you if you want to invest in their program, rather than the Government one. You should, because the interest rate is much better.)

    So, you go to the office and get a number. That will be your number for the rest of your life. If you change jobs, you keep it. Here, in Playa, it takes about an hour to do.

    The next step, which is optional, is getting you carnet (which is the little booklet you need if you seek treatment at IMSS). Now, that process really sucks. Lines of up to 5 hours. I have two kids, so we did it. We have used IMSS on a couple of occassions. It is nice to know that it is available in an emergency.
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    The IMSS card is good to get free condoms.
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