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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by jen***, May 24, 2008.

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    So I had to register with IMSS on Thursday to ensure I get paid my maternity leave from work.
    We had to go at 6.30am as at 7.30am they start giving out numbers and only see 40 people per day.
    We finally got that done and then had to make an appointment to see a doctor for a consultation the next day.
    We went yesterday and waited over an hour for my supposed appointment at 5.30pm!
    The doctor was horrible. I know they see loads of patients every day but he didn't even look in my face once. Just typed my answers into his computer and stared at the computer instead of giving me attention. He spoke too soft so I had to keep asking him to repeat and was one of those annoying people who don't actually open their mouths enough when they speak so they're words are inaudible.
    I thought I could just register with the IMSS and carry on seeing my own doctor throughout the pregnancy. Wrong! Supposedly I have to keep going every month to the IMSS as well as my own doctor.
    Does anyone know anything about this? I don't see why it's necessary if I can provide evidence that I am having my checkups with a private doctor.

    This doctor needs to learn something about people skills, he really upset me and put a dampener on my pregnancy. I know it sounds dramatic to say that, but I have to go and waste my time like that every month??? If he doesn't know or understand the need to put patients at ease then he shouldn't have chosen that profession. And yes I know he earns next to nothing but it's still no excuse!

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    I don't suppose he got a tip did he? :lol:

    Sounds more like he'd do better as an auto mechanic or something like that.

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    I'll ask my boss about this, she did the same thing, went through IMSS but continued to see a private doctor. I didn't do the IMSS thing at all, just steered clear and stuck to my own doc. I know in the last month or two of her pregnancy she was able to convince the IMSS doctor to just sign what he needed to sign. I'll ask her for details though.

    Just think of it as a necessary evil to get your mat leave and leave the real "doctorin'" to your gyno. I would also seriously consider a doula or a midwife, they will make the experience far more lovely than any doctor possibly could. I wish like heck I had had someone like TraceyUK here when I was all knocked up. :D
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    The doc had a computer? At the ISSSTE, which is the health program for gov't workers, the docs don't even have computers. They use typewriters, lose files, write scripts on tiny pieces of scrap paper.

    And you have to wait hours and you can't go see the ob/gyn without going to the general doc first and then waiting 6 weeks for an appt. I had one pap test there and they screwed up the lab work so the test results were null, but it took 90 days to get those null results. The ISSSTE is only for emergencies, and I wouldn't trust them in an emergency anyway.
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    IMSS & ISSTE are not the same, IMSS is for all Mexican s and ISSTE is only for goberment workers.
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    Thanks Kelly, if you can get any tips on how to skip all that crap it would be great!
    I think he said they give me the incapacidad at 32 weeks so whether that means I can stop going then I don't know.
    The doctor didn't refer me to anyone, seems like I have to goto the 'doctor familiar' each month.
    And yes I intend to contact Tracy again (hi if you're reading this, I haven't forgotten you)! :wink:
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