Immigration Attorney Mauricio Mendoza to speak to IWC

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by RiverGirl, Apr 2, 2009.

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    The next general meeting of the International Women's Club of Cancun
    will take place this coming Saturday, April 4th.

    Our speaker this month will be Lic. Mauricio Mendoza, a former
    Sub-Delegado with Instituto Nacional de MigraciĆ³n here in Cancun. Mr.
    Mendoza now works as an Immigration and Citizenship lawyer in private

    IWC General Meeting
    Saturday, April 4, 2009
    9:30 am - 11:30 am
    Location: Hotel Oasis America - Av. Tulum, SM 4
    Open to all members, guests and newcomers.
    Cost to attend is $135 MXP and includes breakfast.
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    Well, don't say you weren't given notice...Mauricio's speech was really, really great! He spoke about the history of migrations and about Mexican immigration and citizenship laws...and he handed out lots of free advice.
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