I'm really starting to get upset at the choice 2 fly Mexican

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by angels_among_us, May 19, 2008.

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    I posted this elese where but wanted to ask here for advice also. We booked our tickets via hotline for Mexicana.

    I called today to make sure they had it posted that We will need help in DFW and in Cancun with bags and to get threw customs as I will be pushing Dallas. I was flat out told they could not help and to call the airport. I called DFW and was told to call Mexicana. What do I do? Besides hoping someone can be paid to carry our bags. ( Which I have no problem paying someone a fee to carry our bags as long as it's not like $50 bucks) BUT we need them to help us carry them all the way threw customs and to our ride ( we are going to use Brent). DH will ofcource be carrying some bags but can't carry all them

    PS when DH booked the flights he did tell them we would be needing help as we would have a handicap child with us but I guess they didnt note it.

    edit to add

    ok DH called again and they said they can book his Medical stroller but again said we have to call airlines for help in cancun. So who do we call? anyone have a number? I know in Dallas we can get a cart do they have these in cancun? I dont remember if they do or not?
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    Received your Pm will reply shortly, but dont worry about the help at the airport.

    Mexicana are correct really... their responsibility is to get you to Cancun and their staff will consist only of flight crew.

    Once you leave the plane though there will be airport staff who will help you I am sure. Just ask the first person you see and take it from there. By the time you pick up your suitcases I am sure you'll have somebody with you to help.

    Once you leave the airport then your driver will help you.
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    thanks Steve. When we flew to Hawaii everything was done for us ( including having someone met and help us) so we are just trying to make sure we have everything planned!!
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