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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by brandon_wsc, May 23, 2006.


Best side trip in Cancun

  1. Chichen Itza

  2. Talum

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  3. Xel Ha

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  4. Isla Mujeres

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  1. brandon_wsc

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    Thanks for the good news on the royal sunset. I had heard a lot of bad reviews...about the food, service, sales people, etc. I have heard lots of good reviews as well. I was wanting a little smaller and more intimate resort for my honeymoon. I think it will be perfect.

    I'll get the map this time too, I remember that it really helped me out last time.
  2. CherylP

    CherylP Guest

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    Turtle Farm

    We were just there on Friday (two days ago). There are a few damaged palapas and tanks but the aquarium and all of the turle tanks near the beach are full of turtles and there were quite a few tourists around. We also drove a little further along and stopped at the Playa Tiburon and handled the nurse shark for photos and had a great lunch in the restaurant there.

    One thing that was sad to me was the newly acquired shanty town on the east side of the island south of town. Anyone know how long that has been there? Is it post Wilma? It wasn't there the last time we rented a cart and drove around several years ago.

    We rented from Gomar (across from the Ultramar dock) after taking the Ultramar from Puerto Juarez. The ferry is $7 us round trip and runs every 30 minutes until 30 minutes after midnight. I'm not sure of the bus schedule to Puerto Juarez. We had taxi from our resort to the port.

    The golf carts run 450 pesos for the full day, 150 for 1 hour and 550 for 24 hours. We arrived late morning and kept ours until 4:45 pm. We had a good time.

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