If you plan to book a Northwest flight soon

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by hw711, Feb 19, 2008.

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    and you haven't earn any NW frequent flier miles since Jan 1, 2006, please let me know. If you know someone who fits the above qualifications, please let me know as well.

    There is this bonus mile promotion I'm trying to enter. http://www.nwa.com/cgi-bin/greatrace.cgi. I earn NW miles all the time so I can only be team captain. We'll have to register BEFORE buying the ticket.

    I can fly NW for my Taiwan trip in April that'll give our team 12,500 miles. So if you trip is 2,500+ miles, we earn 9,000 bonus miles each; if your trip is 7,500+ miles, we earn 15,000 bonus miles each; and if your trip is 12,500+ miles, we earn 20,000 bonus miles each. That's a lot of frequent flyer miles as you can get a domestic free ticket for as little as 20,000 miles.
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