I think we're going! I don't believe it!

Discussion in 'Temptation Cancun' started by gutch, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. gutch

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    Dec 7, 2008
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    I had been told we are not going, period! Now she has changed her mind and is thinking about it.

    My wife is concerned about being propositioned for things that we are not interested in and/or being "hit on". Can anyone help me out with this? Is this place truly somewhere where we could go, have fun, and participate or not in any of the activities without being hassled? She says if it's a week of sex being in her face everywhere she turns 24/7 that's a problem. If she can get away from it when she wants, like at the quiet pool, we should be good.

    The other thing is, although she is a fine looking woman, she is concerned about there being nothing but "hard-body" types there and she doesn't want to be out of place. What is the percentage of "hard-bodies" versus "regular folks"?

    Sorry to be a pain in the a$$ about this but she needs reassuring. I plan on booking (or not) on Thursday this week.

    Feel free to respond here or by private message. Either way, thanks to everyone for all their help and insight.
  2. JanScott

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    Jan 29, 2008
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    Definitely not a sex in your face resort... a few risque games, some lingerie at Casino night and of course the topless thing by the pool or beach. Other than that, it is a normal place with the exception of the fun you will have.

    It is not a swingers resort!!!! Yes, you may, and I do say may, encounter some swingers but it is low key. There is no public sex allowed at all and it is not tolerated by the resort...an automatic bye-bye, thanks for your money.

    All shapes and sizes...mostly us normal folk. So please be comfortable with yourself and have an awesome time. NO ONE cares about body shape or size. It's all about having a great vacation and meeting people who have the same idea...party a bit, chill a bit, relax a lot and having fun.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Nurse Jackie

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    She can relax!!! There are many body types there!!! Just look at my advatar and I am sure if you look through some of the pictures others have posted you will notice all types
    and the quite pool is just that it is quite and it it gets to be to much around the sexy pool she can always go over there!!!
    She will have fun
  4. nmarcks

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    This isn't Desire or Hedo.

    Some how she has got the wrong picture big time. Only time she would get sex in her face 24/7 would be if she sat in the room the whole week watching channel 12.

    As far as being hit on she has the same chance of being hit on at Temptations, your local bar, your local resturant, grocery store, etc. etc.. Most people are quite respectful. So if a single guy sees a lady with her husband 99% of the time that person isn't going to go hit on her. Sure once in awhile it happens, but it isn't the norm.

    Keep in mind most people at Temptations are respectful adults in society who have there life together. It does take a good 2K plus for a couple to go there so that weeds out most of shady people for the most part. If you get what I'm saying. Your not going to find the town drunk who hits on everyone roaming around the resort. People come there to let loose and have fun.

    Nick and Renee
  5. moverbob

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    We booked 8 days in Cancun. MY wife wasnt sure if she would like it at Temptations so we booked the last 3 days at the Great Parnassus. The GP is very nice---but after about an hour there Theresa looked at me and said Im bored I wish we stayed at Temptations it was more fun. All in all we had a great time, allready looking to next year to go back. The whole trip will be at Temptations this time. We met new freinds and partyed like we were 30 again. Theresa didnt join in any games but had a good time laughing at me. :lol: you wont be pushed into anything so you can just watch and have fun. We layed out by the Quiet Pool just to relax one afternoon and it was just that Quiet. You will have as much fun as you want or not----Bob
  6. icecube88

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    Gutch...You and the wife will have a GREAT time at Temptations... :D ... One game is pushed on you...You can just watch and enjoy the fun of others that joined those games...NO SEX is allow in public..PERIOD!!! You are both there is have fun and relax...That u will as well as meeting tons of GREAT people...I speak the TRUTH!!!! :)
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