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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by YamYamMan, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. YamYamMan

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    so I apologise profusely upfront......

    Will be in Mexico in 3 weeks :lotsofmichaelf:

    Now I really should know better having been to Cancun last May however I'm taking three pals with me this time and they're Cancun Virgins :lol:

    I really cant remember what I spent last year as staying AI you loose track, but I did three trips and a couple of clubs with one of the trips being Cocco Bongos....

    Now my mates are bugging me on what to take money wise??? Were staying AI again.... One is definitely working on taking a budget of $1000.00 for two weeks is that enough I think it should be????
  2. barnstyke

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    If you end up drinking with me at any point, you will not have enough. LOL

  3. YamYamMan

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    :lol: :lol: I always have my flexible friend to fall back on....

    I have about the equilivient of $1500.00 saved to use which I think will be more than enough
  4. Steve

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    If you call a club night out $60/$70 and a tour $50-$100 depending on which one, you'll get a pretty good idea. It just depends how many of each you do.
  5. lambert13

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    When my fiance and I go on trips we usually figure on 100 USD per day for the both of us if we are staying at an AI. We dont do much drinking but we do like to go out to eat to break up the monotony of AI buffets. 100 USD per day is usually well more than enough to get the both of us through the day. If we were into the clubs and such we would figure on about 150 per day.

    So for a 2 week trip we would bring about 750-1000 USD each and we always go home with money left over.
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