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    Hyatt Regency

    Post comments, reviews, trip reports and links to your pictures for Hyatt Regency here.

    Located at Km9 it is in the heart of the Hotel Zone and party center. This hotel is Ocean side. Downtown is a 15 minute bus journey away.

    Check the links below for availability and pricing with the following operators:

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    I stayed at the hyatt regency during spring break from march 12-19... it had its good points and its bad...

    they put all spring breakers on the first 2 floors but the bad part is that left about 11 floors full of adults.... they told us when we checked in that if we wanted all inclusive it would be 80USD per day per person... i found out late on the second to last day that it would have been 25USD per day per person just for spring breakers... its deff. worth it, they have amazing food, and the drinks at the pool bar are about 8USD for mixed drinks....

    REALLY BAD::: do not eat at the solariom unless you are starving to death, pretty bad and expensive!!!... the gift shop wanted 5.50USD and up for bottled water.... 3USD for beer......if they see you bringing food or drinks into the hotel they will confiscate it... they wont say anything if you are drinking a beer and its open and you are carrying it in....

    you can sneak girls/guys/friends into the hotel and also food and drinks into the hotel by going through the solariam restraunt on the right of the main entrance and walk through straight to the elevator but that way is still a little risky.... the best way i found was there is a ramp to the left of the main entrance and you walk down that and it brings you to the pool level... there is an elevator at the end of the ramp, jump on the elevator and go to your room, they wont say anything.....

    the doormen are really cool, security is nice but it is their job to be assh*les....

    the pool is really nice, volleyball net in the middle which is big!!!... swim up bar!!!!, free access to exercise room (small but has dumbells and some machines), never ordered room service and kept the mini fridge locked.... there is a lock box in the room but you have to get the lock from the front desk... if its broken or not returned they will charge you i think 125$USD...

    they do have high prices for everything, i lost some travelers checks and they wanted 8USD per minute to make a fax... i talked them down to 10USD for the whole transmission and it would have cost 82$ or something like that.... also we broke a chair on the balcony and they first said 100USD and after an hour of argueing they said 40$USD and we gave it to them cause we wanted to go out to dinner....

    try not to loose keys and make sure everyone has one when checking in... they expect one key for each person returned when leaving and also 5USD per key if not returned or if you need a new one...

    the braclets are pretty sterdy... no need to worrry about them breaking off...

    there is no sand/beach.... only rocks.... you have to go to the beach next door and they dont have to allow you to stay there.... but the pool was so warm that everyone layed around the pool or went swimming....

    the hotel will transfer you to the airport for 9usd per person... we had ours prepaid through studentcity though....

    the beds in the room were small for us since we had 4 of us in one room... they normally wont put 4 people and sometimes not 3 people in a room unless its for spring breakers.... i found out for 75$ more per person we could have been split 2 in one room and 2 in another.... well worth it if i would have known...

    If you use the atm around the corner i would walk with a friend, we had no problems but it looks like there could be problems there esspecially at night....

    the phone cards they sold in the solariam (planet connection) i believe... it didnt work on the payphones... i went to the house phone and dialed 0 and told the operator to connect me to the phone card number, then it would work... remember 1 is for english once you start hearing the recording....

    remember to get off the bus for the hyatt is either fridays restraunt if you are coming from downtown i believe and bulldogs/the city club if you are coming from like the oasis or airport or whatever....

    they will convert money at the hotel into pesos but will not convert back to american dollars when leaving.... their rate was like 10.80 for every dollar and across the street from the city club in that alley it was like 10.85 for every dollar... we just did it wherever was convienent.... at walmart if you buy something with american money they will give you the exact change without keeping a conversion rate.....

    if you have all inclusive it does not include the mini-bar.... also if you are hanging out with someone that doesnt have all inclusive then they will watch you like a hawk... my friend had all inclusive and we ordered mad drinks and food for both of us and i didnt have it and they started yelling so i threw the guy 20pesos and he left us alone....

    when we got a wake up call we didnt answer the phone so a guy came and knocked on the door and we were still sleeping so he opened the door and started screaming wakeeee uppppppp kidsssss!!!!! and opened the drapes by the balcony.... lol that was funny...

    every room has a balcony..... the showers were fine, ac was good, light was broken on the balcony and also by the beds but we were to drunk to care....

    if you have any more questions about this hotel i will try my best to answer it... my email is or just send me a message on cancuncare....

    if you are going to this hotel as an adult with all inclusive i give this hotel an A+ ... if you are going during spring break though and trying to have a quiet vacation, then think again!!!!! for spring breakers, this was my first time in cancun, i managed to have an amazing time staying there but next year im probablly going to stay at the oasis, its supose to be the number 1 hotel for springbreakers, we went there during the day 1 day and it was packedddddddd with college kids!!!!!
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    any recent reviews of this hotel???? thanks
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    Hyatt Regency February 2008

    I just returned from the Cancun last night and stayed at the Hyatt Regency. I've posted my pictures here:

    The hotel is nice but the biggest disappointment is not being on the beach. You need to walk quite a ways before you can actually get into the ocean water and walk along the beach.

    The front desk staff was a little indifferent. When I asked for a walking map of the area I was told that they were all out. I wondered if they could make some more copies?

    The rooms smell musty/damp. It's probably from the humidity of the area but everything just felt damp. The rooms are clean and well appointed.

    The pool areas are nice and the chairs are comfortable. The lower level pool gets more action - more kids, etc. The upper level pool was a bit quieter and is smaller.

    The Regency Club lounge is nice. There is breakfast every day from 7:00 - 10:30 and then appetizers and drinks from 6-8 p.m.

    If you have any questions, I'd be happy to try to answer them.

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    Great hotel never had any problems went last summer for the first time and are going back this summer :D amazing staff!
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    Went again and definitely loved it more prefect for a family wanting a great beach, but now its gonna be time to rock out at TTR!
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