Hurricane Gustav

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by TraceyUk, Aug 26, 2008.

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    Rivergirl - For Christmas last year my mom bought me a wind up flashlight AND a wind up cell phone charger. I feel completely prepared for the next hurricane I'm in. haha. (Not to mention my nifty head lamp so I can walk around the house without having to hold onto a flashlight when the power is out, and I'm certain Susan secretly wants it after she saw it even though she feigned indifference and made fun of it. hehe)
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    Oh man! I'm jealous, I used to have a great headlamp but it's gone off somewhere... You feel so prepared with a headlamp on.

    Sam - That area east of Bonampak both north and south of Lopez Portillo did flood badly in Wilma. It always floods over that way, that's why the houses there are so cheap...

    And the area up north is spelled Donceles, but I like your spelling better.

    I would love to see a flood map of Cancun. On our street the flood water comes from the street. Our back yard can drain fast enough, but the street can't. So we put a barricade in the passageway between our house and the next, to keep the water from flowing to the back yard. That way we only have to fight flooding coming from the front of the house. In Wilma we put our cars up on blocks to make sure they were above water level.

    You need to know your own area and how it handles water and flooding. Places in Cancun that are paved are more likely to flood than places with parks and grass. The city recommends that people don't pave their driveways so that their land will absorb more water. If the city would just design a properly functioning storm drain system then things would be better...
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    I have yet to eat tuna during or after a hurricane, we had no power for 2 weeks after Wilma and never had to resort to tuna. Even after Gilbert we ate no tuna can't remember what we did eat but Tuna was not on the menu.
    We actually ate amazingly well everyones freezer had Steaks, roasts Seafood and chicken we had fantastic Barbecues.
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