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    I'm not sure anyone saw the article yesterday...A couple from New Zealand apparently went to Hospiten because she had some sort of poisoning and while she was sedated and her husband was in the waiting area, someone apparently a staff member stole her wedding ring and other things (according to the report) her husband returned to her to find someone with her purse in the ER, they went to file a report and as usual here the time factor was too long and they decided to shrug it off and continue their vacation....I have worked now for 2 months here in Cancun and can't believe this would happen.....This is the kind of thing you think you would only read about in some remote outlying area but here? I can assure you that this sort of conduct does not and has not been happening in hospitales in this area.....This hospital continues to give the rest of them bad raps...please be careful wherever you are and never leave your valuables in the hands of a sedated patient NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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