Help with finding good furniture stores, please

Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by carlosjm, Feb 16, 2008.

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    You guys are awesome !!

    Thanks a million !!

    Would you happen to know that if any of these places have layaway plans? When I go in April to check them out and if I find something that I like (style and price wise) can I put them on layaway, make payments and then pick them up when the condo is ready in December?

    Thanks again,

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    You have the right to bring a "Menaje de Casa" roughly translates to houshold. You can do this one time and it is worth it if I were you I would purchas everything in Miami and ship it here, we have done this for our businesses and the savings as well as selection far outweigh anything from here.
    Azcue, Altimus, and Detaglio all have the same quality of furniture kind of like "Rooms To Go " in Fl.
    Costo has very good quality and guarantees. If you buy things in Costco in the States keep your reciepts because they do honor the warranty's here.
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