Help us newbs out...wanting to go to DRM

Discussion in 'Desire Pearl Forum' started by JamesKelli, Jun 8, 2018.

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    We wanna make our first trip for a week around the 17th of September.

    Only rooms available are garden view and passion suite? Is it worth the money? Help us out.

    Also what is the tipping policy and is it customary?
    What else do we need to know?
    We are both excited
  2. Cheers2US

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    Sorry, I don't remember much about the rooms other than the ones we booked were kind of small. It wasn't a problem for us as we only were there to sleep and change clothes.
    As for tipping, people's opinions can vary greatly on this topic. I've seen posts where people tip $10/$20 up front to a bartender or pool-chair attendant and that'll "cover" them for their stay. Personally, I like to tip $1-$5 to each person, almost every time.

    I've posted some reviews of DRM:

    Our first trip (3 days)

    Our second trip (3 days)

    You'll most likely have a great time!
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