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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by raverhayley, May 19, 2008.

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    hello everyone im new to the board!

    me and my boyfriend are goin to book a holiday to cancun in mid august, we have looked into nightlife in cancun and it seems to be lively which is good because are young and love to party!

    however we couldnt find any info on what KIND of music was played in the clubs, i mean is it a mixture? house? garage? etc?

    please help!!!

    thanks :D
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    You can find most styles of music represented at the clubs and bars around the Km 9 area known as the Party Center. Dady Rock has live rock music, The City has a DJ spin on most nights and Coco Bongo is probably Cancun's best known club, a must go. Probably Coco Bongo, SeƱor Frog's, Pat O'Brien's and Margaritaville play the widest music mix. For techno/dance music, check out Dady 'O, Nectar, Basic and The City. Many of the outdoor bars around the Party Center play hip-hop. If you are interested in Latin and Salsa music played by live bands, you must go to Azucar and or Mambo Cafe. Of course you can go to Centro (Downtown) Cancun, where the locals live, to hear this style of music as well. I highly recommend visiting Avenida Yaxchilan where you will find Nuevo Melao and Cubita Cafe at the corner of Av. Uxmal. There are also lots of cantina style restaurant/bars where you can catch live rock bands. All in all I would say that Cancun's touristy areas have about one hundred clubs, cantinas and bar establishments, so do not worry, you will find plenty of places to go out at night.

    Have fun planning your nightclubbing in paradise,
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    Just to update, Mambo Cafe has closed, gone for good now. Their hotel zone location just didn't fly, too bad about the downtown fire. For salsa downtown, go to Sabor Latino.
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