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    CANDi (cats and dogs international) are coming to Cancun in April of this year for a free spay and neuter clinic and to try to improve the conditions of the municipal pound. This includes training them in humane methods of euthanasia to replace the current practice of electrocution. They need money and they need items to assist in their efforts. Here's a list of what they need.....

    Bathtub - to offer free dog washing at the pound
    paint and paint supplies - to add color and a better working enviroment to the walls
    bottled water for the volunteers working during the clinic - about 14 cases
    kennels - to hold the dogs before and after surgery
    ice - to keep the water cold
    ice coolers
    used towels - to help with the surgery
    a refrigerator - to hold medicine
    tables, the folding kind would be great
    chairs, even the plastic pepsi ones would be good
    dog and puppy food
    plastic cups and plates and forks, sppons, knives
    garbage bags, all sizes
    gauze and Q-tips for ear cleaning
    permanent markers
    duct tape
    masking tape
    tarps - to cover and protect us from the rain and sun
    a local artist who could come and help paint murals of animals and people

    Anyone interested in helping can contact them through their website, CANDi :: Saving the world's strays, one animal at a time.. They need to raise about $15000, so cash donations are urgently needed in addition to the items on the list above. Thanks in advance all, let's help them make a difference in our community!
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