has anyone used SunMex travel in CA? itmco.com

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by h82diet, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. h82diet

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    I got prices from them that are almost too good to be true and was wondering if anyone used them and what kind of experience they had. I checked them out with the CA BBB and they have an AA rating which is great.

  2. whdream

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    usually something that is too good to be true usually isn't.

    Maybe post some prices and people here can give you feed back?
  3. h82diet

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    For the Riu Tequila we got a price of $600 per person for 6 nights with No air since we're using freqent flyer miles to get there. I priced this place with a few other agencies and one of them came in at $1000 per person.
    We stayed at the Moon Palace for $1000 per person including air from NY using Liberty Travel. I thought that $600 for the Riu was a fair price until I shopped around and found out how expensive the other agenices were pricing the same hotel. So I got a little suspicious of the SunMex but they seem to check out with the Better Business Bureau.
    Since we're traveling to Cancun in June I was hoping to get a good price since it's close to off season.
    Do you know of any agencies who have really great prices?
  4. Ant95

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    me and my buddies used sun mex last year, def the cheapest we found, one prob on the friday the maid told us were were supposed to be checking out which was not true it was on the sat so we got all crazy went to front desk they didnt know anything after 30 min of arguing they realized they made a mistake, oh and make sure u keep on top of ure rep and make sure u have everything u need, he was very nice he gave some of us extensions on the payment and stuff
  5. EngineerGuy

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    well sounds legit dude!
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