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    We just returned from a family vacation and had a wonderful time. We went for the beach and its close proximity to Akumal Bay, and we were not disappointed. We would possibly return again, but have rarely stayed in the same place more than once, so we will see.
    We recommend using the hotel's snorkel or dive team located on the beach for trips into Akumal Bay if you want a quick affordable and easy trip but don't want to spend the entire day on an excursion. We went a few times spontaneously by their boat and would be back on the beach in an hour and a half. We planned on taking a taxi to Akumal originally but this worked better for us and didn't eat up the entire day or half day. It was an easy way to see wild sea turtles and other fish snorkeling.
    The beach was great for us. We picked this resort because its beach had a nice mix of smooth sand with patches of rocky areas good for snorkeling right off the beach.
    As for topless options: the farthest north part of the resort's beach was the most common area. It was the quietest part of the beach with least amount of families with small children. Our family of four spent the entire vacation there and topless was daily by a few and common enough to not feel that you were the only one. There is a very nice bar, towel service and clean bathrooms right there as well.
    As far as the resort itself, its about the same as any major chain of all-inclusives.
    Its maybe a small tick lower on some of the customer service issues compared to other more expensive family oriented all-inclusives, but all in all we were very satisfied. (To be fair, it cannot be compared to some of the adult all-inclusives like Excellence Resorts or Desire Pearl for service.)
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