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    Just a few tips and thoughts on the Viva from a first timer (first week of April 2014)

    Get a window seat on the plane. The sight of the bright blue waters coming into Cancun is on par with coming into Vegas for the first time.

    Send an email a few days in advance to Valentina to make sure you don't get bumped and tell her you are with Cancuncare. We did and got VIP check-in and a nice room, rose peddles on the bed, etc-

    Get your transfer from the airport to the resort in advance and don't stop to ask for help in the airport after customs. We saw a few who did and they may still be on the timeshare ride.

    The beach at Viva is second to none. We travel Gulf quite a bit and were not disappointed. Great big tree right on the beach that adds to the view and plenty of chairs. Bring a colored towel from home and throw it on the chair you want first thing in the morning. Talk and barging with the beach vendors, they are harmless. Cigars are $4

    On Monday and Wednesday to boob cruise pulls up to the beach and lets Viva members on for free. They show up about 1:00pm and call out. I guess one of the competitor resorts uses this as a way of saying they party harder.

    Two pools both different and awesome. We spent more time talking to people are the infinity pool which was a bit calmer. Its not the resorts fault, but the larger party pool has a bar and people drink all day and never get out. Come on people, the bathroom is right there. The thought just made us go to the other pool more often.

    Bring a big thermo cup and use it for your drinks. The bartenders don't care and you don't spend half your time elbowing in for a drink. The cups are really small otherwise. Ask for name brand or you get the rail. The rail is not kind in the morning.

    TIP: Get the hot tub closest to the beach about 7 pm and watch the sunset while smoking a cigar while your wife sites topless in the hottub. However, do not put anything other than your feet in the hottub after dark as we witness many late night activities there and then people would come afterwards and get in the water. UWWWWW The light switch to tubs is on the back of the post closest to the fenceline half way up :)

    Food is average. If your are expecting 5 star go somewhere else. If you are expecting 3-3.5 you will be fine. Good meals, great staff, very good atmosphere, but don't come expecting French chef's to be preparing every meal.

    The staff is great, and I mean great. Very friendly and helpful. Please tip and show respect. The lady at the far side of the breakfast buffet is really super and will talk it up with you. Watching the one lifeguard workout and stand duty is like watching reality tv meets Benny Hill. He is awesome just to watch, he lives to save your life.

    Yes boobs are great, many to see and many you wish you didn't see. I went with my wife who is fairly attractive and everyone was respectful. We did run into a few single guys trying to "find themselves" Their stories made us giggle. We were quite certain they were just trying to find themselves into something that didn't belong to them.

    Great Great experience, we will be back next year!
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    the Boobs Cruise is from Temptation resort, thanks for the good report but unfortunately Grand Oasis Viva has been sold, will be a Dreams family resort in September.
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