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    So I hear that there are major renovations going on at the Oasis/Grand Oasis. Will this be complete for March? Is it complete now? Does anyone have any pics? What exactly have they, or will they be doing?

    Also, is the Grand Oasis really that much better than the regular Oasis? If the regular Oasis is a slum, we may decide to shell out for the Grand assuming we have access to the party at the regular oasis.
  2. Currrrvy-on-crack

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    I think some renovations are still underway at the Oasis, as I look at trip advisor pretty much every day these days (someone mentionned adding another floor? not sure about that one...).

    Also, there are mentions of construction noise, etc really early in the morning.


    I shall report back.
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    Apr 15, 2004
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    Doing some re-painting and regular maint. that needed to be done from what I hear. First off the oasis is NO slum, I have never stayed there but I have been in the hotel MANY times. Its a very nice place. Yes, the Grand is better! Better food generally and the rooms are a little nicer. Usually NO spring breakers over at the Grand, since its a lot more quiet and usually families. If I was you, I would stick to the regular oasis, thats where the party crowd is at!
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    Yeah, i am driving by the Oasis every day. They just added another storey to Phase 1 & 2 . Phase 1 is nearly finished, Phase 2 should be finished in a couple of weeks.

    And by the way, they repainted the Grand to White.

    No worries :)
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