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Discussion in 'Living in Cancun' started by T.J., Feb 5, 2007.

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    1. I love that "sells everything" store called SERVI STAR CLUB. Downstairs, 4 or 5 stores from SURBURBIA. It may be my new favorite store. They have everthing in this place at great prices.

    2. What is up with SUBURBIA? Every time you enter the store, or even approach it from the inside entrance, it smells like poo poo. It is simply too disgusting to shop in there. You would think that they would fix this as I am sure the smell permeates the fabrics of everything in the store. I can see one of you gals in a fancy new blouse out in public some place, wondering why everyone is steering clear of you while you are looking so fine.

    3. At the food court, LA TABERNA is the only place selling beer.

    4. Speaking of the food court, I love LA FLAUTERIA at Plaza Las Avenidas but at the food court location it is really hard to eat flautas with a plastic fork. Hard to cut without breaking the fork and too messy to eat with your hands. I think I will just keep a fork and spoon in the car for this purpose. I do wonder if they have precooked their flautas and nuke them to warm them up. My order came out way faster than at the downtown location where you can watch them cook your order.

    5. I have never seen a Walmart anywhere in a mall. It even has an entry from the mall, in addition to the front entrance.

    6. I now hate LA PARILLA. They have a menu board, and also printed menus showing Tacos Al Pastor for $8.50. I ordered a couple the other day. The lady taking the order asked if I wanted cheese and I said yes. She then asked if I wanted flour or corn tortillas and I chose flour. The bill came and it was $23 per taco and they appeared on the bill as Gringas, which I guess they technically were. But I felt so ripped off. Nowhere does it say "Con queso - $__" or anything like that. I went back and asked how I got from $8.5 to $23. The cheese was $9, more than the damn taco itself. To "upgrade" to a flour tortilla was $5.5. This was simply not right. If I ever go back there I am ordering al pastor only, no drink and not leaving a tip in their ugly tip jar. Caveat emptor, I guess.

    7. The music store, MIXUP, or something like that, seems to be a winner. Can't say I know of another place like it. Always packed, even at the cash registers.

    8. I look for a few vacancies in the coming months. I think that some of the stores have overestimated their market, or missed it completely, and will find it hard to survive unless they have deep pockets and throw money at it.
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