Gran Costa Real ***** AI/EP

Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Steve, Jan 22, 2005.

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    Costa Real was great. This was my first time to Cancun and our hotel was of course Costa Real. The room was great. They have big showers and I like that. lol and no I dont mean like that, its just nice with a big shower rather than a small. The maids were great, they cleaned everything perfect and me and Jennie gave them at least 3 dollar tip every day ( ok its not much) but its at least something. they were really nice and did agood job. We did not have all inclusive, we shouldve cause everyone I talked to that had AI said it was great. And that the drinks were good and not soft. I know alot of people mentioned that the beach at Costa real is small, and it is. However I thought it was a very nice beach, it was always people there and they have a bar right there so if anyone wantto have drnk just walk some steps and there you go!

    Regarding the food I didnt eat that much from Costa real, however I had some breakfast a couple of times at the restaurant across the pool ( cant remember the name) but it was all you can eat buffet and it was very good! The waiters are really nice there sdo dont worry about bad service!

    Hmm whatelse can I mention? Well I dunno but the whole impression of Costa Real was great! And it should be great too since Paris Hilton stayed there.

    So I really recomend this hotel to everyone.

    ( and as I always write , be nice my grammar isnt that good ;) )
  2. cant wait to get there

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    Hi everyone. I hate that this is my first post, b/c I think I might be a little negative about the Gran Coasta Real.
    I went for the 2nd time last Oct w/ a group of 4 women 2 men. 2 couples and 2 of the women single (being a friend and myself).
    The hotel was VERY nice, the staff was great, we stayed drunk for most of the trip, and the recreation staff was hilarious. But, as they say, the staff makes the hotel a success. I might stay there again for that reason.
    The downside of the trip was that we were bothered at LEAST 5 times a day by the timeshare salespeople. Calling the room, leaving messages saying come to the VIP tour, etc etc, it was important for us to call them so that they could explain things to us so that we don't have extra charges. Just annoying, and a waste of our time, just for a couple in our group to get caught up for about 45 minutes before they just got up and walked away. (I TRIED to warn them!) But, it seemed like when I complained to Salvador (our guide through the tour company), it stopped.
    The 2nd negative about the hotel was that the water on the beach was GREEN. NOT the perfect blue water I remembered from just 3 months before at the Riu Caribe. Now, I assume it could be algae or something of that nature, but, it was very cloudy and very oddly green. I didn't go in it AT ALL. The beach was nice, yes, it was small, but, the staff would run to get chairs for your whole group if he saw you wondering around in your aimless drunken stupor. And there were always enough chairs.
    Anyways...the best waiter we had in the buffet restaurant was Ivan, and it didn't hurt that he was very nice on the eyes. The food in the ala carte restaurant (can't remember any of the names, but, it wasn't the one you had to have the reservations for) was pretty good. We had steaks and baked potatoes. The other restaurant was Ok, but, I know that since it's a hotel restaurant, they aren't going to spice their foods as much as they usually would. I don't expect any food at the resort to be especially tasty b/c of that reason.
    The bartenders were cute at the bar inside of the hotel. They would blush when you flirted with them and fill your drinks before you were even half done. And you can learn a little spanish while you're there.
    We had the AI plan, but, we still tipped almost everyone we came across. That makes your trip even better, b/c people will do anything to help you if you are willing to give them a little money. Hey, I get it, I've waited remember those folks!
    Anyways, it's a nice hotel, clean room, mini fridge, decent food, great service. Everyone has their own opinions.
    To's CANCUN! Who really cares WHAT the room looks like???
  3. Madd Dougg

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    As Angela said already she didn't have AI but me and a friend did which made our stay here AWESOME!
    Room service for breakfast and drinks etc or anything else we wanted in that case!!
  4. blueblue

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    Gran Costa Real is it for me?

    I am 25yrs old and I just bought a vacation package for my boyfriend and I. This was his b-day present. We are staying at the Gran Costa Real. I payed a total of 1,230 for our two flt tickets and hotel stay for 3 nights October 14th-17th. Is this a really nice hotel? Will I get my money worth? Can you recommend any cheap romantic activities while we are there? How much are the clubs? What is the best club and why? Is this hotle walking distance to clubs? Is this hotle in a good location? **I was going to stay in the Sheraton Cancun Resort but the travle agent talked me into staying in the Gran Costa Real and this cost me $200.00 extra.
    I just want to make sure I give my boyfriend the best b-day ever.

    Thanks for your time. [/b]
  5. blueblue

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    Is this hotle close to the clubs and nice beaches?

    How far of a walk is this hotle from beaches, bars and clubs? Is it in a good location?
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    The Laboom is right acroos the street .. The other bars u have to take a bus ..........

    Grand Costa real just update there hotel when i was there last year ..

    I think it was awesome Hotel for the money i spent .. I spent 8 days there ..
  7. marful

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    gran costa real


    still haven't heard from friends down there hopefully once internet gets up and running

  8. aztec_guera

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    The Costa

    I am so anxious to hear from or see pictures from the Costa. It was helpful to see the pics of the BlueBay and the Argentina Steak house as they are close in proximity. My husband and I have been staying there every-other month for the last 11 years. We have made so many friends there over the years and consider them family. It is so frustrating to not be able to get in contact with any of them. If anyone has pics of the Costa, please post them.
    Very sad.
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    the costa real is awesome
    food is ok but who really eats anyway.
    every year we go me and the girls (NO MEN)
    great times are friends with the staff and when we get there its omg crazy canadian girls again thats us!!!!! :D :canada: the upgrades are great if you ask for them we are just given because we've been so many times second home. Alberto.Alfredo , nery and ramone are some of the great staff. always something to do there.
    so people go have fun
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    Good News

    For all of you wondering about the Costa :p :p :p Real, I spoke this morning with one of our friends there that is a Capitain. He said the hotel is in good condition with some damage to windows. No structual damage at all but a big mess. All employees are working to clean up. No phones yet but power had been restored late Tuesday. He estimated that the resort would be back up and running in a month. I told him I had resevations for the 3rd of December and he thought that would be no problem.
    I did see that there is a picture of the Gran Costa Real on "Greys pics". It looks normal with the exception of the lack of palm trees and beautifully manicured courtyard. I was told that all employees and their families escaped harm and most of their homes are in-tact. Just a HUGE clean up task ahead of them.
    Hope this helps for anyone wondering about the Costa. I will let you know if I hear of an exact re-open date.
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