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Discussion in 'Golden Parnassus Forum' started by breezesfan, Oct 15, 2012.

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    We are a 50s couple and love to get wild on Occassion. Pretty sure my wife won't care for all of the crazyiness at TTR (she can sometimes take Hedo II and sometimes she can't). We're not swingers, but she is a very attractive gal and doesn't mind being flirted with (after a few drinks). IS GP going to be too boring or is there still enough of a party going on to make us happy. She likes to be around single men. We are very much beach people with a wild streak. As far as pricing GP is a little more expensive than TTR, but much less than Hedo/Breezes.
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    If you care more about the beach than the party, GP may be for you..

    I like how TTR has its quiet & wild sections...
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