GOV was a waste of our vacation time

Discussion in 'Grand Oasis Viva' started by urbancouple, May 8, 2014.

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    I have to agree with Mark's assessment. We showed up in Thursday and had 2.5 amazing days in the main pool. But apparently Saturday was douchebag singles guy check in day because from the foam party on....we couldn't be around that pool. One single guy took a lady's top off without permission of her or her boyfriend, which almost started a fight. Another came up behind my wife and cupped her breasts while I was fetching drinks. And that first guy walked into the middle of the pool during one on the entertainers synchronized swimming routine...shouting over the music for the DJ to play some reggae. We had a blast at GOV but needed to spend the last two days by the "quiet" pool and on the beach.
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