GOS Review - June 25th to July 2nd 2017

Discussion in 'Grand Oasis Sens' started by Ken&Lora, Jul 3, 2017.

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    We had a great time with our normal group we meet up with each June and the new people we met as well. As it stands now, we will never go back since TTR will be open by our next trip but if it came down to it and all of our friends went as well I would return knowing I would have a great time.

    The food at the resort was good with some of the restraunts being amazing (Benazuza, Maki Taco). We did
    not try the Black Hole or the Box but others in the group were impressed. The buffet was crappy at dinner time on our Sunday arrival but others went there for dinner another night and said it was much better. Never saw a piece of bacon for breakfast until the morning we left on 7/2 which became a running joke (what breakfast buffet doesn't have bacon right?).

    The pool was fun during the day. Their entertainment staff did a good job each day with events. The lap dance lessons and beach party were a good time. Marco was the waiter for the Sushi bar and by far the most motivated guy they have at the resort. He took care of the tables in that area and spend every spare moment taking our orders where we were hanging out in the pool and bringing us drinks. If everyone tipped similar to us then he had a great week.

    Kinky bar was fun and we had good participation for theme nights. It looks like the original HVAC system
    had been abandoned and they added 4 split system AC units. It was great with all 4 of them running but there was at least 1 down most nights making that part of the club a bit too hot. We didn't go on the Kinky pirate trip and the bar was pretty empty that night. We had an issue with another guest that night and left early rather than get in a fight but had Boobs Cruise in the morning so we didn't plan on staying all night anyway.

    The rooms were nice but overall state of the hotel is that it is old and things are breaking faster than they can fix them now due to poor maintenance over the years. We had a running count of ways to get seriously hurt
    or killed at the resort as another running joke. We were in Sian Kaan room 606 with our own pool that was not circulating water so in trying to turn the pump on, i opened the bench to find the pump and filter disconnected from the system and a stick with a plastic bag wrapped around it stuck in one of the pipes to keep the water in the pool. Our AC also was not working. There were no rooms to switch to at the time so i opened up the ceiling and manually opened the cooling valve to get our AC to work and asked them to clean and sanitize the pool daily which they did.

    We had a pretty big skinny dipping party at the back pool where they do the big pool parties on Wed/Fri
    one night that lasted less than an hour before security kicked us out since all the pools close down before dark.

    Overall this could be a great resort with some formatting changes (keep the back pool open all night and
    the bar near it open until 2am) and some serious repair/maintenance.
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    Good review Ken, Very accurate! I love accuracy!!! Personal joke in there somewhere. You guy's rock. You're right, as long as TTR doesn't completely pull some kinda crazy shit there will be no reason to return. We advised Gustavo(entertainment staff) and Marco(pool waiter) they needed to move to TTR if it was at all possible. Here's to next year, cheers!
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    We are going to be down there the 22nd until 27th.
    Our trip there in May was really good, met a lot of great people and had no complaints at all.

    Hoping this trip will be just as much Fun.
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    Just back from Oasis and we had a blast with this group and couldn't agree more that the group make the trip. If we would have been at this hotel without knowing this group it would not have been the same.
    We had a Grand Plus Room that was used only between the hours of 2am-9am. The AC was out for the first three days and after many trips to the concierce desk we escaped with a fan. If the guys on the beach would sale fans instead of cigars and hats they could probably retire in a couple of months. LOL Our AC did get fixed on day 4.
    The food was good enough, nothing to make or break the resort. Agree with Ken& Lora, kept looking for the bacon every morning, no luck.
    The different dining areas all had their own little personality. The more I drank the better the food was as I remember.
    The Pool area overlooking the beach was out of this world as that is where we spent most of our days. Entertained by the stares of who are these people ? The entertainment staff did an excellent job during the day of keeping everyone involved In the events.
    My favorite was hands down the foam party along with the illegal late night swims.
    Kinky was awesome and all the theme nights seemed to be a success. I would have to say White and Neon night topped the cake. Not sure if it was because it was the last night we were all together or the participation level.
    Met some great people I wish we could have spent more time with, also met some great people we did get to spend a lot of time with.
    Not as detailed and accurate as Ken & Lora but they were spot on with their whole review.
    Backstreet Boys for Life , Over and Out.
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