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    Golden Parnassus

    Post comments, reviews, trip reports and links to your pictures for Gloden Parnassus here. Please note this hotel changed it's name from Golden Crown Paradise in early 2006

    Located at Km14 it is a short journey by bus to the party center. This hotel is Ocean side. Downtown is a 30 minute bus journey away.

    Adults Only

    Check the links below for information, availability and pricing with the following operators:
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    Here is the link to Homesick's pictures of this lovely resort:

    I'm sure he won't mind my posting the link here for all interested in this resort to see.

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    And as long as we have his great pictures, we must have his fabulous trip report:


    A number of visitors to this board have asked about the GCPS so, to make their search easier, I have written a personal view of the hotel.

    The Golden Crown Paradise Spa (GCPS) is a small, adults only, all inclusive hotel situated on the beach about 3 miles south of the club zone between the Ritz Carlton and the Meridian on the longest, softest, cleanest beach in Cancun. There is a sister hotel about 2 miles further south called the Crown Paradise which is also all inclusive but caters for families. A free shuttle bus runs between the two hotels and guests at both hotels can enjoy the facilities of either except children under 18 cannot visit the GCPS from the Crown.
    As you enter the hotel you will be greeted by a receptionist who will offer you a welcome drink while she registers you and attaches your wristband so that the staff can identify you as an all inclusive guest. The Bell Boy will take you to your room when it is ready – the latest should be 3pm.
    Directly opposite the hotel entrance, through the lobby and beyond the central water feature, is the door to the pool area and the beach. The colours there are breathtaking. There are two pools. On the left is a very shallow (ankle deep) sunbathing pool and on the right is the main pool with a bridge crossing it. This pool is about waist deep and is where the water activities take place. Be careful if walking under the bridge as many people crack their head. Steps lead down to the public beach where there are beach umbrellas and sun loungers. A life guard overlooks that section of the beach.
    There are three restaurants and no reservations are needed (a fourth, Japanese style Sushi restaurant is planned in the near future). Pier 12 is to the left of the small pool and has a sea food and pasta menu. Shangri La is to the right of the main pool and is the gourmet restaurant. The Old Barn is opposite the main entrance and is the steakhouse. Try the filet mignon – it is superb. In addition there is the Breeze Bar next to the main pool and this serves salads and fast foods 24 hours and there is the buffet restaurant which serves breakfast and lunches. The buffet has a wide choice and hot food is cooked to order while salads etc. are stored in ice trays. Inside the buffet bar it is air conditioned but you can also sit on the terrace overlooking the pool area. This is not air conditioned and has large, sliding windows to create a breeze. Coffee, tea and cookies are served at 4.30pm in the reception bar near the waterfall.
    During the day there are lots of activities which generally follow the routine: 8am cycling; 9am yoga; 10am meet and greet the guests; 11am beach volleyball; 12noon aquarobics; 1pm lunch; 2pm poolside games; 3pm water games; 4pm relax with bingo or some such activity; 5pm the entertainment staff go off to prepare for the evening shows. About 8pm you will see the staff again as they meet and greet and encourage you to attend the evening entertainment in the Galaxy Theatre. That is opposite the main entrance next to the Old Barn. There are a variety of shows ranging from Karaoke to professional dancers who are extremely good. Often Kati plays her saxophone about ½ hour before the main show to set the atmosphere. She is excellent – I know ‘cause she is my daughter and those lessons and instrument cost me a small fortune. After the shows, the staff will offer to take you to one of the many clubs in Cancun. The price is the same from them or if you go alone but they provide transport and will take you to a reserved area and get you settled with a waiter and drinks etc. Transport back is up to you.
    Other features of the hotel include an indoor mini golf to the left of the lobby area, an indoor beer garden with a small disco area and a couple of pool tables; a spa with male (or mixed) and female (not mixed) areas; an outdoor spa overlooking the beach; a fitness room with decent equipment; a tennis court, an internet office and 24 hour room service plus the usual hotel shops stocking everything from gifts and hotel memorabilia to clothes, basic medicines etc.
    The rooms are clean, fairly large and more than adequate for a beach vacation. You will have either two large beds or a California King. The club rooms on the top floors have a jacuzzi but no balcony. There are plenty of drawer space, a wardrobe with hangers, iron and baord and space for your suitcases. All have a TV and coffee making equipment and a safe but you may have to ask for a key. A sea view room is exactly that but you will not see much of the beach as the side of the Ritz Carlton or the Meridian hotels block your view along the long beach. A lagoon side room has spectacular views of the lagoon and Cancun if you are on a high enough floor. Towels are provided but they are getting worn and are quite hard. The hotel needs to re-invest in some soft, new towels.
    There are five bar areas outside of the restaurants. One is in the Galaxy Theatre and only serves during the shows, one is the Breeze Bar next to the main pool where 24 hour snacks are available, one is opposite the reception area, one is in the Beer Garden and one is between the small pool and the beach. Many guests congregate around this bar in the evening and late into the night.
    The above is a description of the fabric of the hotel, but the major appeals are these:
    1. It is a small hotel so you will soon get to know the other guests and feel part of the family.
    2. The staff are extra-ordinarily friendly and helpful. Get to know them by name, give them a tip (wages are pitifully small), greet them with a smile and you will be made to feel like a long lost relative.
    3. The food is excellent with a wide choice considering the size of the hotel.
    4. The hotel is kept meticulously clean and repairs are carried out as quickly as possible with the minimum of fuss.
    5. You are encouraged to join in with the various activities but never forced or humiliated. The more you join in, the greater will be your enjoyment.
    The drawbacks of the hotel are:
    1. It is a small hotel so the type of guests there is hit and miss and can vary from relatively elderly and quiet to younger and more outgoing. Being small, a bad guest stands out like a sore thumb.
    2. The hotel is not on the main road, but is on a spur that joins the main road at either end. You will have about a 10 minute gentle walk to the nearest bus stop.
    3. The hotel is not suitable for disabled people having steps to get into the lobby area and steps down to the pools with more steps down to the beach.
    4. The building itself is relatively old (it used to be the Jack Tar Village and was refurbished about 3 years ago) and so there is a constant maintenance.
    5. The hotel is shaped like a pyramid with the centre being hollow and the rooms either side. This means that noise in the reception bar travels up through the centre to the rooms above. If you like to take an afternoon siesta, this is a problem.

    The GCPS is not for everybody – you will either love it and become a repeater (like myself and many others) or you will think it is too quiet in which case I would strongly recommend BBG. The GCPS certainly has much better food and amenities but BBG has a much livelier atmosphere.
    Going Home - Again
    March 6th 2005
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    Here is my first report. We went back there in 9/2004, as well. It was equally nice.
    Golden Crown Paradise Spa:
    "We had a wonderful time, and glorious sunny days there!!!!"
    We stayed from June 2, to the 9th, 2003. Weloved that, they sat us down for check in and gaveus a welcome drink made of orange, pineapple,creme de coco, and rum, and ice. It is delicious!!We were treated very well. And had a ball with the entertainment/activities staff!!! Alfredo, Sergio,Jenny, Lisa, and CARLITOS!!!!!!!!We had all days full of sun and heat. I woke early half of our days, to watch the sunrise, and walk thebeach. The pool maintenance man and I would talk sometimes; and the little, old man, who maintains the deck would set up, my pool umbrella, while we exchanged good mornings. He would also, fix it throughout the day, for me. My husband likessome shade, and I would have his chair ready. Weloved the beach palapas, and chairs, and tablesthere too. The size of this resort was perfect. Wehave stayed at mega-resorts before, and get tiredof all the walking, to get from point A to point B.Not the case here. Everything took less than 5minutes for us to get too. This was important. Myhusband had some injuries, and is still on themend. I don't like being cooped up, walkingforever, at a resort, to get from the room to therestaurants, pool, beach, etc. We did not have anybad food at this resort. We did not get sick, fromanything. We had great to excellent foods here.If you want more of anything, they will give it toyou. In the Pier 12 a la carte, and the Shangri La,if there is anything more you need, just ask. We had filet mignon, and shrimp skewers, at the Pier12, for dinner. My husband had other cuts ofsteaks there, as well. They were all good. Whichwas surprising, because, normally Mexico is not known, for thick cuts of steaks. Usually it's thin. Pier 12 is all done in blue tiles, with a salad bar and open grill. Theme is nautical, from the waitstaff's clothing, table tops of anchors/ships,to little anchors that hang from the bread baskets. Set up with a small bar at the entrance,I absolutely love the blue tiled kitchen and theopen grill concept!! We had delicious, coconutshrimp, and shrimp tempura for lunch; that hadtheir own sauces, served over a bed of rice. Ithink it is so cute, howthey take a melon baller, and make the carrots,zucchinis, and potatoes, into little vegetables on theplates. I had delicious grouper, squid, and oystersrockefeller for lunch. All this is at the Pier 12. Atnite, they Pier 12 has chicken wings, chickenfingers, ribs, more steaks, and fish for dinner. TheParadise Snack Shop, is by the pool. They alwayshave chicken nuggets, chicken wings, and fries.They will grill up hamburgers, and have a menu ofdifferent sandwiches. I would say; a choice of 8different sandwiches are offered--from Hawaiian toVeggie, to Submarine etc. This is closed for a fewhours a day. Late nite, snacks are available.Room service for late nite snacks, is served fromhere. The Paradise Buffet, has many things tooffer. I had mangoes. Not the red kind from thestates, but the yellow, mexican kind. They aredelicious!! Lazaro, and some of the other wait staffwould get me liquados, for breakfast. I had theorange/pineapple, with water and ice. You couldalso get them with milk; but I never did. It's reallynice how they have the self serve drinks set uphere. They have pitchers of water, juices, milk,sitting on ice, as you walk into the Paradise. Theyhave the soda fountain-self serve. And the wines,are in mini-kegs, red and white. Red wine,reminded me of a merlot--white reminded me ofa less fruity and little bit wet on the tongue variety.The room service breakfasts come from thisParadise buffet. They have everything. Somesmall things in a steam table, like chilaquiles,refried beans, bacon, sausages, etc. They havechefs to prepare the eggs, omelettes, scrambledeggs, french toast, pancakes, quesadillas, etc.All cold stuff, was either on ice, refrigerated; all hotwas either on the steam table in small trays andfresh, or made to order. There was toast andcereal, and sweet breads available covered up.They gave me buffet line to table service. I amhalf mexican and took years of Spanish, and enjoyconversation in Espa������ol, when I have theopportunity. For lunch and dinner; theParadise Buffet, had made to order sandwichesdifferent cheese balls, sushis, made to orderfajitas--chicken and beef. They also had avariety of pizzas, pastas, cheeses, cold cuts,salads; all in refrigeration. Fruits were so good!!I wish that I could have a mango right now, asI'm writing this. The things I liked about therestaurants is that the smoking and non-smoking,are completely separate areas. The smoking areais outside at the Pier 12, separated by glass at theParadise Buffet with open windows, and only atthe reception area--low level by the doors--in theShangri La. I never saw anyone use the 2 littletables at the Shangri La, to light up. The ShangriLa menu changes nightly. Overlooking the ocean,with neutral, tones. Their comfortable, weavedhigh back chairs, sort of yellow and blue tones,ceiling made of a dove grey cirus tent like fabric,hanging shrimp light fixtures, sun/moon light fixtureman playing soft tones on his organ; make this atrue, relaxing, dining pleasure. It even has a smalldance floor, if you feel so inclined to get up anddance to the soft music, during your dinnercourses. Everything was very relaxing. There Iloved the shrimp, and lobster and scallops, andtornadoes of beef. Good shimp, caesars salads.Gold charger plates, creme colored china , withgold trim, salt/pepper, cremer sugar holder andaccessories, are also a very nice touch to the alluremaking a beautifully set table!! Service was verynice there too. You could get extra, if there wasnot enough of each serving. We got extra seafoodlike lobster and scallops, on some of the courses.We felt that the desserts were good and nicelydecorated, not only in the Shangri La, but at allrestaurants. The Pardise Buffet, had theirdesserts, set on top of, a flat, stainless steel,refrigeration table. They also had homemade icecream in the cooler next to them, every day.Flavors varied, and they had toppings, and coneson hand. I liked our marble tub, and marblevanity with sink, and brass fixtures inn our 5thfloor room. We were in room 528. I would goback here. I loved most everything about this all-inclusive!!! The lobby fountains of the mermaidand the dolphin, and the rock wall, were socalming. The bird cage, topped bar, was nice tosit near. We would go for tea and cookies, after5P.M. They have a variety of Celestial SeasoningsTeas, coffees, and 2 to 3 different kinds of cookiesset up. There is also a fountain of a shark, in themiddle of the golf course, on the other side of thelobby. The mini-golf has statues of old movie starsthat are so life-like. There are 3 little gift shops.A place to exchange pesos, if you need to; as partof the lobby counter. There were good deals inthe gift shops. The nitely shows in the BeerGarden were fun as well. They entertainers forthe Caribbean Show, and the International Showswere truly professional dancers, and amazing!!!The guy, with the weighted elastic bans put on a cool show, during the International show, to therhythms, and the fire for the encore, with thedrums, was spectacular!!!!!!!!! Pedro runs a nicehotel. He is the manager. The only nite club, I went to with the entertainment staff, was CocoBongo. There were different nite club excursions nitely. Also, during our stay the a la carte restaurants did not require reservations. We never made it to the sister resort--Crown Paradise Club. It's families, and we knew that we did not want to deal with little kids. This time was for us to relax, exercise, take in the sea, sun. And that we did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They have poolside and beachside drink service. They will also get you appetizers from the snack bar.
    Their gym is fully equipped and quite nice, for a smaller property.
    They have a cold plunge pool, and jacuzzi inside the ladies and men's locker rooms. They are identical. I never visited the spa. They do have ocean front massages available, and will put up drapery if you want your massage au natural.
    Drinks are mostly domestic Mexican liqueurs and Corona beer. Corona is only on tap. No bottled beer. There were a few bottles of Absolute Vodka, Jagermeister, Bacardi Rum, I saw there. If you tip, they might have more, top shelf booze. If you are really nice to the bar tender, and give a few bucks; they have Portuguese Spumante. Very much like Asti Spumante. I drank 2 bottles of it one day, at the Tiki Bar, overlooking the ocean. The wait staff, will even deliver drinks, while you are in the pool. A couple of bucks will keep them coming back, all day, if you should want more.
    If you give a $5, they would probably get you a cheeseburger or hot sandwich at the snack bar, and bring it you. Mostly chicken wings, chicken nuggets and fries, are the snacks they deliver with drinks.

    Beach is perfect!! White sand and the Tiki Bar, near the water.

    Also keep in mind, if you read about the buffet offerings in my report for dinner; that was for 2003. They do not have the buffet open for dinner now.

    And there is no reporting of the Old Barn. It was not finished for our 2003 trip. We did get to it in 9/2004. Old Barn is like an Outback atmosphere. They have constant play of country music videos. They have steaks, chicken and pork. There are 2 levels to dine on. Wooden chairs and tables. No table cloths, and nothing fancy. Steaks are served on a griddle, sizzling. Everything else on plates. It's more of a casual atmosphere. You can go in there in shorts and a tee. Most people dressed up a little bit for dinner. We did not find the wood chairs confortable.

    We love the Shangri La the best. It does have that dress code though. Frank playing the organ, during dinner was so soothing. I love the way the place is draped inside, and the soothing lights. The wait staff were fantastic! We did have more entrees a couple of nites; Shrimp in Adobo Sauce was divine, and so was the steak with blue cheese over. Desserts were so tasty in there.

    This time, the Pier 12 did have the seafood dishes. Nice Coconut shrimp, and Shrimp Tempura, crab legs in butter, Oysters Rockfeller, and nice fish. The only thing strange, was they changed the restaurant inside. Instead of one nice open room; they put in booths and indoor fencing to separate the room into sections. Dining outside is nicer at this place.

    Fruit was not abundant at the buffet, in the mornings. They did add smoothie machines. One of our servers in the buffet, offered to go to the market for me, and he did. He bought mangoes. We re-imbursed and tipped him. He was so nice, that he cut up the mangoes for us every morning. I shared some with Chris and Juvencio, who work the pool and beach areas. We had so much for breakfast!!! The mangoes were really good. Chris serves drinks and Juvencio does maintenance in the pools and grounds. I fell in love with them, on our first trip. I miss this place, and hope to go back this year.
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    3 rd time to Cancun and this was by far the best hotel. I had Stayed at the Royal sunset and the Hotel Tucancun, and this hotel blew them away

    Carlos, Alrfredo, Katie, and Lauren and Johnathan were great they came out with us everynight. The hotel staff were great everyone remembered your name, the food was great.

    Pool was nice, never an issue getting chairs by the pool, or getting a drink, or getting dinner..

    Place was great i would so go back!!!

    Oh and I did go during Spring break March 19-26, and it wasn't filled with SPring Breakers, which was fine with me. Being 27 myself, I was lookign for a nice hotel where I could relax during the day and then leave the hotel at night and party!!!

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    Oh you will have a blast. It's a smaller hotel but makes for some great drinking buddies...
    Nice to know everyone and all the staff...

    Carlos will look after you guys!!! Enjoy!!

    The Tiki Bar is the outside bar to drink at during the day and night, and the beer garder is inside, and the lounge closes at like 11pm.
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    Oh yeah just to the left of the Towel dtnad they list the activites..

    they have Beach volley ball, tequila volleyball, waterpolo, bingo, and games. Some days they just let you lay there and relax which was a nice change other days it was crazy...Tequila everywhere!!
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    Great! This is our first trip to Cancun.

    I'm glad you had a good time during Spring Breat too!

    How did you find the beds? Where you at the Club level, or regular room?
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    We were on the 5th floor room 501 end of the hall way. Nice to be away from all the elevators...And noise.

    We didn't have the club room though, even if they offered to upgrade us we would have said no cause they don't have balconies...
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