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    I happened to catch this article today with my news alerts for Cancun related stories.

    Congratulations Nurse Nancy,

    One Hotel Gives Back
    Tuesday - October 16, 2007 - 05:00 AM CT

    Last December, EcoTulum Resorts & Spa, in Tulum, Mexico, joined forces with registered nurse Nancy Myers to help promote her Give a Toy Get a Smile toy drive for underprivileged children in Cancun, Mexico.

    In all, more than 900 toys and clothing items have been donated and distributed. The focus is on children from families affected by AIDS; schools for children with severe mental, physical and emotional problems; two orphanages; and the children living in the jungle outside of Cancun.

    During the month of August, Myers visited public schools in the Cancun area, donating backpacks. In total, 124 book bags, backpacks and lunch coolers and 1,479 assorted school supplies were distributed. In addition, 473 toys; 101 articles of clothing; 151 pieces of girls’ hair and beauty supplies; and 332 dental hygiene supplies have been donated and distributed.

    All visitors to the Cancun-Riviera Maya are invited to save extra luggage space to bring down new toys for holiday distribution to underprivileged children for holidays this year. Visitors who will not be able to make it down by the end of the year, but who are still interested in supporting the cause may make a PayPal donation online at

    The only requirement is that toys please be new. Because batteries are expensive and unlikely to be replaced, battery operated toys are discouraged. The children in the area may not have electricity and may not even know what a PlayStation is, so toys that depend on electricity are also discouraged, as well as toys that have instructions in English. The children range in age from six months to eighteen years in age.

    Suggested toys include: trucks, dolls, legos, dominoes, paint, crayons, perfume, nail polish, hair ribbons, coloring books, sports balls, make-up kits, inexpensive jewelry, pocketbooks, wallets, dolls, water guns, marbles, cars, blocks, stuffed animals and clothing.

    EcoTulum Resorts and its staff will also be supporting the cause with toy donations. All toys will be personally delivered and all financial donations will be spent by the organizers on the purchase of toys.
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    Kids living in the jungle???

    Welcome to the jungle, we've got fun 'n' games
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