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Discussion in 'Cancun Forum' started by Ana, May 14, 2004.

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    Authored by: ANA


    Merida – 197 miles
    Puerto Morelos – 22 miles
    Playa Del Carmen – 42 miles
    Puerto Aventura – 60 miles
    Tulum – 81 miles
    Akumal- 63 miles
    Chichen Itza – 126 miles
    Xcaret – 44 miles
    Xel Ha – 75 miles
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    late night transportation from airport to hotel zone

    Is the shuttle still running at 11pm between airport and hotel zone?
    What's the cheapest way to get from cancun to Chicchen Itza?
    Does costco over there carry similar stuff we can buy in US? Cheaper or more expensive?

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    I think (not sure) that the bus that run from the airport to downtown Cancun stops at 11:00 PM. Private shuttle companies have their own schedule so I suggest you send a few emails and ask the operation hours. You can also search for the bus from aiport in this link:

    Regarding Costco yes the stuff is similar to USA at the same price and some cheaper.

    You can ask to the tour companies to sell you only transportation to Chichen if you do not want to be on a tour.
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    My hubby works at the airport and sometimes takes the bus back to Cancun at night. The bus most folks take is run by ADO. According to hubby the bus runs later on weekends, but changes depending on flight schedules. He says the last bus is at midnight but is sometimes at 1 am. Check out ADO and see if you can find out more. The bus is 15 pesos each way.

    HTH, Kim
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    What avenues do the buses run on through downtown?
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    The ones from the aiport goes only to Tulum Av. to the Bus terminal.
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    An up-date on prices Bus One with Air Conditiones and brand new is MXP 17 around USd 1.40 and regular, old Turicun is 12 pesos around 1 USD
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    Re: Taxi's

    If I recall correctly, it was about $10-12 USD last year to get to the Wal-Mart downtown. I've been to the Coral Mar about 8 times now and find the taxis the easiet transport as they are always in front of the office and the cost is relatively cheap. Besides the driving down there scares me and I don't think I could do it.

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    Buses from the BBC

    Hi Ana,
    Gracias for all the good information.
    Karan said if your staying at the Blue Bay Club there is no public bus service, but my travel agent said buses go right past the BBC.
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    The public buses go right past BBG...not BBC.

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