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    Shuttle service from Cancun's Hotel Zone to the island of Cozumel. First-class transportation to Playa del Carmen included. Playa Tortugas Terminal (next to Fat Tuesday).Passenger ferries and water jets to Cozumel leave from the downtown dock in Playa del Carmen at regular intervals throughout the day. Mexico boats (25 minutes) PHONE: 884-94-247 TO 49


    Puerto Juarez: Transportes Maritimos Magaña
    Departures every half hour from 6 a.m. until 8:30 a.m. when they leave every 15 minutes until 8:30 p.m.

    Sultana del Mar/Blanca Beatriz, Puerto Juarez-lsla Mujeres, every hour until 5:30p.m. from Isla Mujeres and 6:00 p.m. from Puerto Juarez.

    Punta Sam-Isla Mujeres car ferry:
    8,11 a.m., 2:45, 5:30, & 8:15 p.m.
    From Isla Mujeres to Punta Sam
    6:30, 9:30 a.m., 12:45, 4:15, & 7:15 p.m. PHONE: 884-94-247 TO 49


    Isla Mujeres
    Journey just 3km (2mi) north of Cancun's city center to Puerto Juárez. Here you can catch the inexpensive passenger ferry to Isla Mujeres. During the day, ferries leave every 15 minutes for the 45-minute journey to this beautiful tropical island.

    There are a few ways to travel back and forth between Cancun and Cozumel. You can easily make it a day trip. With all that there is to do in both Cancun and Cozumel, you don't want to miss either of them.

    Passenger Ferries

    Playa del Carmen Ferry

    Passenger-only ferry from Playa del Carmen to the main pier in Cozumel takes approximately 45-minutes. It leaves nearly every hour on the hour from 5 am to 11 pm. Return service runs from 4 am to 10 pm. Call to verify the schedule once you arrive. there are two comapnies offering this service and the better is Ultramar with new ferries and docks.

    Cozumel Hydrofoil
    Although it may not be any faster than the Playa del Carmen ferry, it is a more comfortable trip. Travel by water-jet catamaran or speedboat operated by Aviomar. There are 10 crossings per day that leave every 1 to 2 hours. Service from Playa del Carmen is from 5:15 am to 8:45 am. Service from Cozumel runs from 4 am to 8 pm. Tickets sold at the pier one hour before departure. Call to verify the schedule once you arrive.

    Car Ferries

    Maritima Chankanaab
    The car ferry from Calica to Cozumel takes only about 2 hours. The ferry departs Calica at 10 am and 7 pm. It returns from Cozumel at 8 am and 5:30 pm. Fare is approximately $5 per passenger and $55 per vehicle. Call to verify both prices and the schedule once you arrive.
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    PASSENGER FERRIES: Puerto Juarez/ Isla Mujeres

    Sultana del Mar or Blanca Beatrizare

    departs from Puerto Juarez at: departs from Isla Mujeres at:

    Open boats without air-conditioning. every half hour every half hour
    Crossing time: 45 minutes 5am-8:30pm 5am-8:30pm
    Cost: $15 Pesos final ferry: 11:30pm final ferry: 11pm

    Caribbean Lady or Miss Valentina

    departs from Puerto Juarez at: departs from Isla Mujeres at:
    Air-conditioned cruisers with bar service. every twenty minutes every half hour
    Crossing time: 30 minutes 6:30am-8pm 7am-8pm
    Cost: $35 Pesos

    CAR FERRIES: Punta Sam/ Isla Mujeres

    Punta Sam/Isla Mujeres Car Ferry departs from Punta Sam at: departs from Isla Mujeres at:
    Crossing time: 45 minutes 8am 6:30am
    Cost (one way)
    11am 9:30am
    Passengers $12.50 Pesos 2.45pm 12:45pm
    Cars $130.00 Pesos 5:30pm

    Suburbans/Vans $160.00 Pesos 8:15pm 7:15pm

    Motorcycles $50.00 Pesos

    WATER SHUTTLES: Hotel Zone/ Isla Mujeres

    Asterix Water Taxi departs from Plaza Caracol at:

    departs from Isla Mujeres at:

    Crossing time: 25 minutes 9am, 11am 10am
    Cost: $15 1pm, 3pm 12pm, 2pm, 5pm

    PASSENGER FERRIES: Playa del Carmen/ Cozumel

    Playa del Carmen/Cozumel Passenger Ferry departs from Playa del Carmen at: departs from Cozumel at:
    Crossing time: 45-60 minutes 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11am 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10am
    Cost: $7 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 pm 12, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10pm

    CAR FERRIES: Punta Sam/ Isla Mujeres

    Calica/Cozumel Car Ferry departs from Calica at:

    Departs from Cozumel at:
    Crossing time: 2 hours 10am 8am
    Cars and trucks $55 7pm 5:30pm
    Passengers $5

    Puerto Morelos/ Cozumel Car Ferry

    Departs from Puerto Morelos at: departs from Cozumel at:
    Crossing time: 3-4 hours 5am 8am
    Cars $40 10:30am 1:30pm
    Passengers $6 4pm 7pm

    WATER SHUTTLES: Cancun/Cozumel

    Cancun/Cozumel Water Taxi

    Departs from Plaza Caracol at: departs from Isla Mujeres at:
    Crossing time: 25 minutes 9am, 11am 10am
    Cost: $15 1pm, 3pm 12pm, 2pm, 5pm
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    Posted: Sat May 08, 2004 5:27 pm Post subject: Cancun Bus Schedule

    As Written By Ana
    A little more info:
    Cancún Bus Schedules

    Schedules and prices for buses leaving Cancún for various destinations. These schedules were gleaned from a number of sources of information, and we assume no responsibility or liability for their accuracy. We will make every attempt to keep them current. All prices are in Mexican Pesos ($).

    Updated:Monday, January 19, 2004

    For further information, or to make reservations, send e-mail to
    or call 98-84-43-52
    1-800-84-94-988 (toll free in Mexico)

    Departure Via Destination Time
    8:00 pm Playa del Carmen ($24)Escárcega ($209)Villahermosa ($307)Cárdenas ($245)Coatzacoalcos ($363)Minatitlán ($370) Acayucan ($385) 16 hrs
    10:30 pm Valladolid ($52)Mérida ($100) Campeche ($186) 6 hrs
    11:30 am Mérida ($100)Campeche ($186) Cd. del Carmen ($262) 8.5 hrs
    0:30 am Chetumal ($121), ($135) 6 hrs
    6:30 am
    8:00 am
    12:00 pm
    3:00 pm Playa del Carmen ($24)Tulúm ($40)Carrillo Puerto ($72)
    4:30 pm
    11:00 pm Playa del Carmen ($24)
    2:00 am
    6:30 am
    8:00 am
    10:00 am
    12:00 pm
    1:00 pm
    1:30 pm
    2:00 pm
    4:00 pm
    5:15 pm
    6:00 pm
    7:00 pm
    Midnight Meacuterida ($100) 4 hrs
    1:00 am
    6:00 am
    6:30 am+
    7:00 am
    8:30 am
    9:00 am
    10:30 am
    11:30 am!
    12:30 pm
    1:30 pm!
    2:00 pm
    3:00 pm
    3:30 pm
    4:45 pm*
    5:30 pm
    6:15 pm!
    7:30 pm!
    9:15 pm+
    10:00 pm
    11:00 pm Mérida ($112), ($132), ($132) 3.5 hrs
    5:00 am
    7:30 am
    9:00 am
    9:30 am
    11:00 am
    2:30 pm
    4:30 pm
    6:30 pm
    8:00 pm Valladolid ($52)
    6:15 am Playa del Carmen ($24)Tulúm ($40)Carrillo Puerto ($72)Escárcega ($209)Coatzacoalcos ($363)Córdoba ($519) México City ($630) 22 hrs
    11:00 am Playa del Carmen ($24)Tulúm ($40)Carrillo Puerto ($72)Villahermosa ($307)Paraiso 2 ($497)Orizaba ($527)
    6:00 pm Playa del Carmen ($24)Carrillo Puerto ($72)Villahermosa ($307)Paraiso 2 ($497)Orizaba ($527)Córdoba ($519)
    3:30 pm Playa del Carmen ($24)Xjupil ($161)Villahermosa ($307)Coatzacoalcos ($363) Minatilán ($370) 14 hrs
    5:00 pm Playa del Carmen ($24)Chetumal ($121)Xjupil ($161)Campeche ($186)Tierra Blanca ($471) Puebla ($591) 22 hrs
    1:00 pm Campeche ($213)Cd. del Carmen ($298) Veracruz ($467), ($570) 19 hrs
    2:30 pm Playa del Carmen ($24)Tulúm ($40)Villahermosa ($307)San Andrés ($415) Villahermosa ($307) 11 hrs
    5:30 pm Xjupil ($161)Escárcega ($209)
    7:00 pm Playa del Carmen ($24)Tulúm ($40)Escárcega ($209)
    10:00 pm Escárcega ($209)

    ADO buses, ADO GL buses, UNO buses, Expresso buses, Super Expresso buses, Premier buses

    + except Sundays
    * except Saturdays
    ! goes to Fiesta Americana in Mérida



    The Cancun Bus Station is downtown on the corner of Avenida Uxmal and Avenida Tulum. You can get there by taxi or bus, at the parking lot are a Chiken Factory, Oxxo (7 eleven) and a pharmacy.

    Playa del Carmen

    The older station is at 5th and Juarez and the new station is at 20th Avenue between Calle 12 and Calle 14.


    The Tulum Bus Station is on the highway towards the south end of town.


    Merida has 5 bus stations, two 1st-class stations and the rest 2nd and 3rd class.
    The ADO 1st call station is called "CAME" and is located on Calle 70, between Calle 69 and 71.
    The other 1st-class station is the small Maya K'iin used by the bus company Elite. It is located on Calle 65 no. 548, between Calle 68 and 70.
    The 2nd-class bus station is around the corner from the CAME on Calle 69, between Calle 68 and 70. You get the bus to Uxmal here.
    To get to Progreso and Dzibilchaltún you go to the "Estacion Progreso", Calle 62 #524, between Calle 65 and 67.
    The trip to Progreso takes an hour by second class bus. There are also some collectivos to Dzibilchaltún that you can pick up beside the San Juan church, south of the main plaza off of Calle 62.
    To get to and from Celestun you catch the bus at the Celestun Station at Calle 71 #585 between Calle 64 and 66.


    The Main bus station in Chetumal is like 3 KM. from the town center on Insurgentes at Ninos Heroes.
    Buses to Flores in Guatemala also leave from the main terminal.
    Buses for towns in Belize leave hourly from the Venus Bus Line (mornings) or Batty's (afternoons) in Lázaro Cárdenas market, in the city center.
    Terminal de Combis on Hidalgo at Primo de Verdad is where vans for Bacalar, Río Hondo and Majahual/Xcalak
    Other, smaller combis are scheduled to depart for Majahual/Xcalak from C 16 de Septiembre at Mahatma Gandhi.
    The larger of the first-class stations, CAME, is on Calle 70, between calles 69 and 71.
    At the left of the central plaza.
    Buses departing hourly for Mérida, between 4:30a.m. and 7:30p.m. Fares are $13


    The 1st-class ADO station is located on Avenida Gobernadores. The easiest way to get to this bus station is to take a taxi and ask the driver to take you to the "ADO" estacion autobus (bus station)
    They have 2 bus stations, new station in Valladolid at Calle (Street) 37 at Calle 54 and the old one is at Calle 39 at Calle 44.

    Bus schedule from Playa del Carmen:

    ADO service / First Class

    Destination Schedule Prices

    Merida 10:15 $196
    Comalcalco 22:45 $448
    Mexico City 7:30, 12:25, 19:15 $733
    Puebla 18:15 $795
    Valladolid 10:15 $119
    Veracruz 22:15 $624
    Villahermosa 00:40, 12:15, 18:15, 15:45, 19:15, 20:15, 22:15, 23:25 $397
    Chetumal 00:15, 13:15, 18:15 $139

    Riviera / First Class

    Destination Schedule Prices

    Cancun Every 15 minutes from 5:00 AM to 1:00 AM $32 Pesos

    Chichen Itza 07:50 $140
    Chetumal 01:00, 06:15, 12:00, 14:30, 17:30, 19:30, 21:15 $140
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    The fare is about 12.00 pesos which works out to about 1 US. It is much better to pay in pesos because if you pay with US money in the basket you will not receive any change.

    The bus driver will hand you a ticket. You are supposed to hold onto the ticket during your ride. An inspector might jump on the bus and ask to see it.,no matter if it is crinkle.


    When you are going down into the hotel zone, you can hop aboard any bus with the sign "zona hotelera" on the front.

    When you are coming out of the hotel zone, only Route 1 and Route 2 go to the downtown area. Route 1 goes to Avenida Tulum and goes down it. You will know you've reached downtown when you see "Rolandi's" restaurant on the right and then a flea market on the right. Route 2 crosses Avenida Tulum at the bottom and you should get off at that point. When I took Route 2, sometimes the driver would call attention to this spot and sometimes not.

    For short trips up the hotel zone, you can also try other routes, just remember they are going to turn off someplace before getting downtown.

    Don't panic when you see signs with arrows indicating "Tulum", "Xel-Ha", "Coba", and so on. These are the names of archaeological sites a long way outside of Cancun, but they are also the names of main streets in Cancun.

    Pick-up and Drop-off

    Buses come along every minute or less, so you should never have to wait any appreciable time.

    Most areas have frequent blue signs signalling bus stops. For areas with no such signs (such as where a lane is blocked off for road construction), you can signal the driver to stop at a spot where there is room to pull in.

    Buses will wait a long time for you to reach them if you are approaching a bus stop while one is there. Sometimes you would rather just wait for the next one but they'll guilt you into jogging to it.

    If you are not sure where your stop is, you can tell the driver your destination in advance and they will call out when you arrive.

    The driver may let you off between stops if traffic is light and they can pull over safely.

    The official way of signalling a stop seems to be pressing a button, but the buttons are only above some seats and often don't appear to work. The better way is to walk right up to the front of the bus and look ready to get off; wave your arms frantically if he drives past your stop.


    Route 1 has uncomfortable hard blue plastic seats. They are made for people with skinny behinds -- clearly not designed to a North American standard. :) Take Route 2 if you have a choice, or one of the higher-numbered ones if your trip is only a little way within the hotel zone. All the other routes have softer cloth seats.

    The buses are very noisy manual shifts. It looks like the driver is wrestling with a big upside-down 5-wood. You will feel each gear shift. To minimize noise and bumpiness, sit towards the back of the bus once you get past the stage of asking frequent questions of the driver.

    11 PM seems to be a popular closing time for businesses. Try to avoid taking a bus out of the hotel zone around this time as the bus may get very packed. Because the drivers are incented to carry as many passengers as they can, they will happily let more people cram aboard.
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    Does anybody know who has the best deal on rental cars,(ie a jeep).
    Laura and I want to do a day trip down the coast. THX
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    Buster rent a car with various locations, one of them in front of BBG at Plaza Nautilius
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    Can anyone give me an idea about what the cost would be for a taxi from the Coral Mar to downtown Cancun. I am trying to decide wheter to rent a car or just let the taxi's do the driving.

    Thanks Rick
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    Taxi will run about 10 bucks. Bus is 65 cents.

    Unless you plan on doing a lot of driving outside of the Cancun area I would strongly suggest using public transportation in and around Cancun. It's actually very good.

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    How about buses from the airport to\through the hotel zone?
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    If you arrive to terminal 1 there is a new service from ADO buses USD $6
    but have to wai outside until they havet al least 15 people and then stop at all the hotels-
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