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    My daughter Harmony and grandson Gavin visited us for a couple of weeks this past Christmas. Gavin has no fear of water. He is 12 years young and we thought this trip would be a good time for him to learn to Scuba dive. Suz and I are certified YMCA open water divers and we have all the equipment and a pool in our yard. So we had him watch the PADI videos and I acquainted him with how to put the equipment together and some of the basics. The next day we all went over to the dive center (Scuba Cancun) and he took a quick instructional course to prepare for a dive the next day. We had to delay his first dive a few days due to weather conditions. Anyway Suz went along with him on the dive and he did well and now he can say he scuba'ed the reef off of Isla Mujeres and dove to a depth of 25' for 40 mins.. Not bad for a 12 year old!
    This is the dive center in Cancun:


    Gavin, Diane, & Suz filling out the paperwork:

    In the training pool:

    Gavin and Diane in the pool:



    They named the dive boat after ME!

    Suz and Gavin on the Mr. Tom dive boat:

    Everyone had a great time and I think it was quite the accomplishment for Gavin especially at such a young age.
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